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Authentic Aruba Recipes - Main Dishes

Recipe Name Beregein hasa
Recipe Description

Beregein hasa

Fried Eggplant - Quick and easy to recipe to make. A vegan favorite. read more
Recipe Name Keshi Yena (Filled Cheese Shell)
Recipe Description

 Keshi Yena (Filled Cheese Shell)

In this classic recipe the shell of a scooped Edam (the thin rind remaining after a family had consumed the four pounds of cheese) is filled with spiced meat, then baked in the oven or steamed in the top of a double boiler. read more

Recipe Name Satee
Recipe Description


Marinated Meat on Skewers, this is a typical Indonesian dish that has been adopted by the Dutch who introduced it in Aruba. Various Chinese, Indonesian and even various Aruban Restaurants across the island serve this delicious dish read more
Recipe Name Antillean-Style grilled Swordfish or Shark
Recipe Description

Antillean-Style grilled Swordfish or Shark

Place pineapple and sweet potato slices on grill. Cook, covered, 2 minutes each side, basting occasionally with reserved marinade. Add decoratively to platter. Serve immediately. read more
Recipe Name Arroz con Pollo
Recipe Description

Arroz con Pollo

The dish, which originated in Spain as a form of pilaf, is now a staple throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. The recipe here is the Aruban version. read more
Recipe Name Ayaca
Recipe Description


Families come together to prepare the ayaca to wake up their Christmas Spirit listening to Christmas music creating a wonderful atmosphere.read more

Recipe Name Bakiou (cod fish)
Recipe Description

Bakiou (cod fish)

During lent this recipe has turned into one of the favorite dish of the season. It becomes a complete meal with rice with sweet red kidney beans or with steamed pumpkin, steamed sweet potatoes and fried plantain.read more
Recipe Name Calco Stoba
Recipe Description

Calco Stoba

Calco or Conch is a shell fish like an oyster, and is very popular with local seafood dish. Unlike the oyster the meat of conch is firm and white and is prepared in an array of ways including calco stoba, calco a la pariya, calco hasa. read more
Recipe Name Carnival Calamari
Recipe Description

Carnival Calamari

Dedicated to the greatest Aruban celebrationread more
Recipe Name Charlito's Creole Calamari
Recipe Description

Charlito's Creole Calamari

Charlie's Bar, one of Aruba oldest watering holes, on the main street of San Nicolas since 1941. Charlie Brouns Jr. switched gears, taking over from his father, catering to tourists serving food, telling stories, becoming the San Nicolas champion, the defender of Aruba's sunrise side. "If you haven't been to Charlie's, you haven't been to Aruba". read more
Recipe Name Christmas Roasted Ham
Recipe Description

Christmas Roasted Ham

The ancient Romans, who sacrificed a pig to their god Saturn about the same time Christmas is celebrated nowadays, are probably the starters of a Christmas tradition. This is often eaten with traditional Christmas cuisine, including ayaca, roasted stuffed turkey or chicken, stuffed bread, potato or chicken salad, zult, oyster cream or beef soup, ponche crema or peanut chocolate drink. read more
Recipe Name Citrus Chicken
Recipe Description

Citrus Chicken

The chicken marinates in citrus juice so the meat stays tender. read more
Recipe Name Coconut Shrimp
Recipe Description

Coconut Shrimp

Coconut shrimp is easy to make and takes two basic ingredients: coconut and shrimp. read more

Recipe Name Curry Goat/Chicken
Recipe Description

Curry Goat/Chicken

India's influence in Caribbean cuisine is very apparent and curry dishes are a prime example. In Aruba, curried goat or chicken is a very popular stew that can be served with either rice or roti (Indian flat bread). read more
Recipe Name Eggplant dish
Recipe Description

Eggplant dish - beregein

Another delicious Eggplant meal. A vegan favorite. Serve with mashed potatoes. read more
Recipe Name Fried Fish (Pisca Hasa) with Pan Bati
Recipe Description

Fried Fish (Pisca Hasa) with Pan Bati

Aruba's cooking traditions were born out of the wealth of the sea. From the time that the first people populated Aruba, conch, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, grouper and snapper were staples brought home by local fishermen and shared amongst the people with a sense of merriment. read more
Recipe Name Keri Keri
Recipe Description

Keri Keri

The traditional recipe for Kerikeri or Karikari, calls to use shark meat and it is considered a delicacy. Instead of the shark meat, you can use any fresh firm white flesh fish fillet read more
Recipe Name Keshi Yena
Recipe Description

Keeshi Yena

Recipe by: The Old Cunucu House Restaurant read more
Recipe Name Kool Stoba
Recipe Description

Kool Stoba

Cabbage Stew - This dish can be served with white rice or Funchi and fried banana. read more
Recipe Name Meatloaf
Recipe Description


This does not really look like a loaf, but more like shredded beef. This delicious concoction completed with rice, green beans and plantain makes it a hearty meal that will keep you satisfied for hours.read more

Recipe Name Pinchos di Cabaron (Shrimp Kebabs)
Recipe Description

Pinchos di Cabaron (Shrimp Kebabs)

A delicious and simple recipe that can be easily transformed into a fabulous entrance for any meal, they are very light, fresh, and very tasty. read more
Recipe Name Pisca den foil (Foil-cooked Fish)
Recipe Description

Pisca den foil (Foil-cooked Fish)

Pisca den Foil (Foil-cooked Fish) is a traditional Aruban recipe for a classic dish of fish cooked over a bed of vegetables flavored with white wine and Pernod in a foil parcel. The full recipe is presented here and I hope you enjoy this classic Aruban version of: Foil-cooked Fish (Pisca den Foil). read more
Recipe Name Promenton Yena
Recipe Description

Promenton Yena

Served as an entree or a main dish, stuffed bell peppers are an exceptional choice. read more
Recipe Name Scabechi
Recipe Description


Can be served either as a cold appetizer or hot fish course. read more
Recipe Name Sea Bass
Recipe Description

Sea Bass

An excellent sweet, white, textured fish, sea bass is a well-liked feature of menus and this is a must try menu courtesy of Simply Fish. read more

Recipe Name Seafood Keshi Yena
Recipe Description

seafood keshi yena

(Image courtesy Christine Wei)

Courtesy of: Chef Teddy Bouroncle from the Aruba Marriott Resorts. read more

Recipe Name Signature Papaya Fish
Recipe Description

Signature Papaya Fish

Red snapper filet, confetti polenta and The Old Man & The Sea's famous signature papaya sauce. read more
Recipe Name Stoba di Cabrito
Recipe Description

Stoba di Cabrito

Aruban cooks add a spiny, light green cucumber, called concomber, to the stew at the same time as the potatoes. The cucumbers should be rasped and cut in half lengthwise. Press each half gently to pop out the seeds before adding cucumbers to the stew. read more

Recipe Name Tokyo Beef Noodles
Recipe Description

Tokyo Beef Noodles

Not an Aruban typical dish, but a favorite at Ginger Asian-fusion restaurant situated at Tamarijn all inclusive. And gladly they would like to share their recipe. read more
Recipe Name Zult
Recipe Description


This dish is another typically Aruban dish and is also found in many variations on Aruba and also on other Caribbean islands. In fact, this dish's main ingredient (in this case pigs' ears) can be substituted with other meats such as crabmeat, shrimp, or certain types of white flesh fish and there is also an interesting variant made using hard-boiled eggs as a substitute for the meat, so feel free to experiment depending on your preference! read more

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