Welcome back to Aruba!

So it's your 2nd, 5th, 15th or 20+ visit to our island? Meaning you're hooked! These are just some of the tell-tale signs that show you're practically Aruban now: 

  • You book your next flight to Aruba just a couple of days after you get back home
  • You find yourself anxiously looking forward to your own specific Aruba ritual like a walk on that beach, dinner at your favorite restaurant
  • You dream of relaxing on Aruba's beaches, enjoying the sunsets and views of the spectacular north coast
  • You're practically on a first-name basis with your hotel staff
  • Its like an old friends' reunion when you're at your hotel, meeting friends you've made in Aruba year after year

If one or more of the above apply to you (or if you're just itching to come back irrespective), then this page is for you!

You've been there and done that, some things you just want to do over and over, others you'll pass. That's fine. But rest assured, these things have not changed:

  1. The beaches are still here, perhaps the shape might have changed a little with the waves shifting the sand here and there
  2. Its every bit as safe as it was, and we're doing our best to keep it that way. 
  3. Your drive from the airport will be as pleasant as its always been, warming you up to what's in store. In fact its getting better with the linear park even though that's taking a bit long. But its Aruba, we take it easy here.
  4. The drinking water is every bit as good, and yes we Arubans are still complaining that it costs us way too much. But what to do? You get what you pay for....
  5. The restaurants are just as tasty, some may have come and gone, but there are new ones too (we'll tell you about those). Call it the culinary Yin and Yang.
  6. Its still warmer than where you're from. OK maybe that's below the belt, but probably true. Speaking of belts, we're still outside that hurricane belt. (Fingers crossed - are you listening Mother Nature?)
  7. And last but not least, we're all still here waiting to welcome you to our One Happy Island as we've always done! 

So what IS new then? Here's how to find out:

As someone who's been to Aruba before, and perhaps many times over you have the possibility (dare we say duty!?) to share the Aruba love. Here's how you can:

You can share your thoughts and experiences in reviews, by email to us, on the forums - take your pick, we'd love to hear it and so would first-timers! And as always if you have any questions for us, just ask!

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