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Authentic Aruba Recipes - Desserts

Recipe Name Banana Bread
Recipe Description

Banana Bread

Plan ahead a few days before making banana bread, because the most important ingredient is over-ripe (black-ripe), very soft, mushy bananas or according to my kids, they must be "dead".read more
Recipe Name Banana na Binja
Recipe Description

Banana na Binja

Always served during partiesread more
Recipe Name Bier Koekjes (Beer Biscuits)
Recipe Description

Bier Koekjes

Beer and biscuits a great combination and taste. Easy to make and great for parties or for private late Sunday afternoon indulgence.read more
Recipe Name Bolo Borracho
Recipe Description

Bolo Borracho

Tipsy Rum Cake read more
Recipe Name Bolo di Banana (Plantain Pudding)
Recipe Description

Bolo di Banana (Plantain Pudding)

This is a typical Caribbean complement to any typical dish served at various restaurants across the island. read more
Recipe Name Bolo di Frigidaire
Recipe Description

Bolo di Frigidaire

Bolo di Frigidaire literally meaning fridge cake, it's Aruba's favorite Happy New Years cake. read more
Recipe Name Bolo di Tres Lechi
Recipe Description

Bolo di Tres Lech

Tres leches cake read more
Recipe Name Bolo Ponche Crema
Recipe Description

Bolo Ponche Crema

Eggnog Trifle Cake. read more
Recipe Name Bolo Preto
Recipe Description

Bolo Preto

Local cooks often prepare the fruit and store it in large glass jars for many months to be sure it is available for those special occasions, this special occasion cake is usually served in very small pieces as a memento of the event, such as weddings, anniversaries and because the flavor is so richread more
Recipe Name Bolo Preto (Dark Fruit Cake)
Recipe Description

Bolo Preto (Dark Fruit Cake)

Bolo Preto, or black cake, thickly iced and aglitter with tiny silver balls, is the Aruban wedding cake. Keepsake slices, placed in small white boxes inscribed in silver with the initials of the bridal couple, are distributed to guests at the wedding reception. Without the trimmings bolo preto is a popular everyday dessert which keeps for six months or more if refrigerated. read more

Recipe Name Chateau
Recipe Description


Simply delicious chocolate cake...read more
Recipe Name Chocolate Tea Bread
Recipe Description

Chocolate Tea Bread

Recipe courtesy of Sandy Springs - a North Carolina-born Aruban resident, always smilingly finds time to do whatever is asked of her on behalf of friends. Chocolate with love! read more

Recipe Name Cocada (Coconut candy)
Recipe Description

Cocada (Coconut candy)

Traditionally cocada is served on broken bits of the coconut shell. read more

Recipe Name Coconut Cake
Recipe Description

Coconut Cake

This is a typical Caribbean dessert which is served at various restaurants across the island. read more

Recipe Name Forgotten Pudding
Recipe Description

Forgotten Pudding

Delicious pudding, served with custard sauce.read more
Recipe Name Kesio
Recipe Description


This is a typical Caribbean dessert which is served at various restaurants across the island. read more
Recipe Name Koeki di Pinda y Chuculati
Recipe Description

Koeki di Pinda y Chuculati

Peanut butter and chocolate cookies, this recipe is very easy to make and it's deliciously addictive read more
Recipe Name Mancaron (Coconut Macaroon)
Recipe Description

Mancaron (Coconut Macaroon)

Mancarons are greatly enjoyed with breakfast or in the afternoon with coffee or tea. It has a delightedly sweet coconut flavor with a crispy crust on the outside but the inside is spongy and tender in texture.read more
Recipe Name Our Best Rum Balls
Recipe Description

Our Best Rum Balls

Rum balls are a truffle-like confection, being sweet, dense balls flavored with chocolate and rum. As their name implies, these sweets contain rum and because they are not baked, the alcohol flavor and kick are not lost during baking. This sweet is especially popular during the holiday season.read more
Recipe Name Pan Dushi (Small Sweet Rolls)
Recipe Description

Pan Dushi (Small Sweet Rolls)

Nice to have for breakfast or with coffee or tea in the afternoonread more
Recipe Name Pan lefi
Recipe Description

Pan lefi

light sponge cookies read more

Recipe Name Pistachio Cake
Recipe Description

Pistachio Cake

Aruban traditional cake for special occasion. read more

Recipe Name Pudin di Coco
Recipe Description

Pudin di Coco

Coconut puddingread more
Recipe Name Soenchi
Recipe Description


Meringue kisses - Local recipes are frequently well-guarded secrets! An Aruban friend, explained that her mother banished everyone from the kitchen when she whipped up her celebrated meringues. Be content with this substitute, for a soenchi can always be traded for the real thing read more
Recipe Name Tentalaria di Cashupete (Cashew Nut Treat)
Recipe Description

Tentalaria di Cashupete (Cashew Nut Treat)

Tentalaria derives from the word tenta which means to entice in English. This candy is considered a delicacy and customary it is given as a welcome treat to guests placing it next to a bridal cake along with chocolate bonbons and other delicacy. read more
Recipe Name Tert di Pruim (Prune Tart)
Recipe Description

Tert di Pruim

Soft crusts stuffed with sweet gooey prunes, yet very rich in taste that will make you ask for more. read more
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