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Authentic Aruban Recipes - Soups

Recipe Name Sopi di Pampuna (Pumpkin Soup)
Recipe Description

Sopi di Pampoena

This is a typical Caribbean delicacy which is served at various restaurants across the island. The seed of the Annatto tree, Ruku, (which is found in the Caribbean) is used enrich the deep orange color of the soup. This is done by heating a few seeds of Ruku in a cup of hot oil, letting it stand until the color is absorbed by the oil, discarding the seeds and adding a few teaspoons of oil to the soup.

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Recipe Name Caldo de Pescado
Recipe Description

caldo de pescado

Celia Cruz, Legendary Cuban salsa singer Celia Cruz has held the title "Queen of Latin Music" for over 40 years. "With her throaty alto rasp, she trades Afro-Cuban rhythms with pop tunes, salsa with soulful ballads" before huge and continually growing audiences of all ages around the world. Celia has performed often in Aruba over the years and was a timeshare owner here. (Recipe reprinted from The New York Times with permission of Ms. Cruz.)

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Recipe Name Chilled Tomato Consomme
Recipe Description

Chilled Tomato Consomme Calamari

Enjoy a delicious soup served in a wine goblet read more
Recipe Name Cool Island Soup
Recipe Description

Cool Island Soup

A deliciously fruitful chilled soup. Great for those hot Summer days read more
Recipe Name Erwten Soep
Recipe Description

Erwten Soep

Pea Soup a Dutch traditional soup with Caribbean flair. Two things which The Netherlands acquired as a result of the Eighty-Year War, 1568 - 1648, were her independence and this robust pea soup from Spain. read more
Recipe Name Giambo
Recipe Description


This dish is another typically Aruban dish: Giambo (pronounced ghee-yam-bo) is the Antillean gumbo, a thick, hearty soup. The pureed okra gives it a slippery consistency.

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Recipe Name Lobster Bisque
Recipe Description

Lobster Bisque

This smooth, creamy, rich soup of French origin is made from lobster and is sure to please, courtesy of Simply Fish. read more
Recipe Name Sancochi Di Galinja
Recipe Description

Sancochi Di Galinja

Sancocho comes from the Spanish verb sancochar which means "cook in water" it is a traditional soup often considered as a stew. It usually consists of large pieces of meat and vegetables served in a broth. read more
Recipe Name Sopi Mondongo
Recipe Description


Before preparing this recipe, hang up your hamaca (hammock) in a cool shady spot. It will be necessary to rest a bit after enjoying this soul-food soup. read more
Recipe Name Sopi Weso Blanco
Recipe Description

Sopi Weso Blanco

In early times when men were working hard in the cunucu, this is the soup that was given to them to provide them enough strength to continue working in the afternoon. In modern times its best not to plan doing anything other than taking a nap after eating read more
Recipe Name Stropi di Tamarijn
Recipe Description


Formerly during Lent people used to eat soup of tamarind with "funchi" (a kind of thick porridge from millet meal) on Fridays. read more

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