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Stropi di Tamarijn

Category: Soups


Formerly during Lent people used to eat soup of tamarind with "funchi" (a kind of thick porridge from millet meal) on Fridays. read more



  • 25 large, plump green tamarinds
  • 4 cups sugar


Shell all 25 plump green tamarinds, leaving a bit of the stem attached to each fruit. Score each tamarind deeply along the stem side, cutting through the pulp to the seed. Place fruit in a three-quart Pyrex or enamel saucepan until the pan is three-fourths full. Cover the fruit with water and let stand for twenty-four hours, or until the seeds float to the surface of the water. Strain and reverse the liquid, which will be very bitter.

To remove all sediment and any bits of shell, strain the liquid a second time through a double thickness of cheesecloth. If necessary, add water to make five cups, and return the liquid to the saucepan.

Stir in the sugar until dissolved

Place on high heat and boil vigorously for at least twenty minutes. Skim off any foam appearing on the surface. Permit the syrup to cool. It should have a clear, amber color. If stored in a sterilized container, tamarind syrup will keep indefinitely in the refrigerator. To serve, pour syrup over ice cubes and dilute to taste with cold water.

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