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12 Wild and Beautiful Sights to See in Aruba

Are you ready to explore the diverse natural beauty that Aruba has to offer? We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite sights that are worth seeking while on the island!

1. Boca Keto
Photo by Arikok National Park

This unique beach on the wild East Coast is a bit hidden and off-the-map, however, it is most definitely worth making the effort to get to! Tip: Park near Rancho Daimari (horse ranch) and hike to the beach. We promise you, it is worth the hike. Once you arrive, you will find it to be wildly refreshing… just you, the ocean and nature. What more could you ask for? PS: Make sure you never leave anything behind other than your footprints.

2. Spaans Lagoen (Spanish Lagoon)
Mudflats, Spaans Lagoen

When you hear of Aruba, you are likely to picture nothing but white sandy beaches, turquoise water and palm trees swaying in the wind. Well, what if we were to tell you there is SO much more diverse beauty to discover? And, one of those natural beauty standouts, is without a doubt, the Spanish Lagoon, also known as the Spaans Lagoen. The lagoon starts on the coast near Mangel Halto and ends close to the Balashi Gold Ruins further inland.

Mangel Halto

This area is protected to ensure that nature can flourish as it should. This area contains a great diversity of essential habitats, which support many different ecological communities, mainly bird and fish species. It is even home to the Shoco, Aruba’s small and precious burrowing owls. This is the perfect site for bird and photography enthusiasts, as there are many beautiful snapshots to be captured. Note: It is of utmost importance to walk with caution and respect the nature and wildlife that resides here, and yes, as you may have guessed, please only leave your footprints behind!

3. Natural Pool (Conchi)

The Natural Pool (also known as Conchi) is protected from the rough sea by surrounding rocks and is located in the National Park. This unique formation of rocks creates a peaceful place and is also known as Aruba’s hidden pool. For thrill-seekers, this place is excellent for taking a dip to cool off and a perfect place to capture natural beauty with your camera. It is not recommended to swim in the pool when the waves are too high as it can be dangerous, please follow the advisories on display by the national park rangers. To get to the natural pool a jeep is needed, or if you are up for a long, intense hike, walking is an alternative – prepare for rough grounds ahead!

4. Westpunt

Heading to the northwestern side of the island, this beach is located behind the California Lighthouse. It often goes unseen and is less visited due to the hidden path to get there (you will need to reach it on foot). It’s quite a unique spot on the island, as there is pink sand to be found here, yes pink sand! You will have a spectacular view of the wild waves crashing into the many beautiful rock formations that are spread throughout the water.

5. Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge was formed naturally over the centuries by the pounding sea. Unfortunately, the Natural Bridge collapsed back in September 2005. Before its collapse, it spanned more than 100 feet (30 meters) and stood 23 feet (7 meters) above sea level, making it the largest of its kind in the Caribbean. The collapse left a “Natural Baby Bridge” which can still be visited, it is approximately 25 feet wide and only 3 feet above sea level. The coastline view here is breathtaking, allowing for some beautiful photography.

6. Fontein Cave & Freshwater Pond

Head to the Fontein Cave which is located in the National Park near Boca Prins. The cave is absolutely worth venturing in, as it is the only cave that has drawings of Arawak Indians on the ceilings, providing a real sense of island history to this cave. The brownish-red paintings were left by Caquetios and graffiti was imprinted by European settlers.

After visiting the cave make your way further down the dirt path and you will find the only natural freshwater pond on the island, if you dare, take your shoes off, stick your feet in, and get yourself a little fish pedicure!

7. Parke Nacional Arikok (Aruba National Park)
Photo by Arikok National Park

Aruba’s National Park has endless beauty to discover and plenty of hiking options! Step into the park and make your way to the rugged and beautiful North Coast. As you pass the beautiful green cacti, vegetation, sand dunes, abandoned mines, caves, rugged rock formations, herds of goats, singing birds, and approach the coast…you will see the dramatic, darker blue waters clash against the rocks, an impressive sight to see! Don’t miss out on the Fontein Cave and Freshwater Pond, as well as Guadirikiri Cave. There are many bocas (inlets), trails and sights to discover within the Park, so there is plenty of walking to be done here (if you’re not exactly a hiking enthusiast, we recommend joining a guided tour or renting a jeep). For a preview, join us on a virtual hike as we trek through it all.

8. Underground Mangel Cora Well

One of the most hidden sights on the island. Without asking a local to show you where it lies, it’s practically impossible to find! And sorry, we are not going to fully give away its location, because that would leave less of a fun adventure for you when the time comes to find it on your own. It’s located just past Baby Beach, across the road among all of the rubble, cacti and vegetation. This tunnel makes for a thrilling activity, especially for the kids. Take caution as to get down to the well tunnel, you must climb down a very steep set of stairs.

9. Ayo Rock Formations

Visit the Ayo Rock Formations for some peace and reflection and take in the beautiful scenery (don’t forget your camera). You can stroll through loads of massive boulders of different shapes and sizes shaped by the forces of nature. There are paved paths and steps in between the boulders that allow visitors to walk through and get to the top of the rocks which are in close formation. There are restrooms and a picnic area on-site!

10. Boca Grandi

Located nearby the big red anchor in Sero Colorado, Boca Grandi is a wild and blue heaven for experienced and daring kite surfers. Making for the perfect place to sit and watch the surfers glide by! Find yourself some shade from the strong sun under one of the several handmade driftwood shacks spotted along the coastline. This is a refreshing and invigorating place to escape everyday life. Not to mention, it’s easy to get to, as it’s situated off the main road. PS: You can expect a lot of strong wind at this location, hence why all of the kite surfers flock here!

11. Small Cave Pool

While you may have heard of Aruba’s Conchi (Natural Pool) we have a different natural pool on our list! We like to consider this natural pool as the “baby natural pool”. It may be smaller in size, but finding and exploring this natural sight is filled with plenty of thrill and adventure. Best of all, you can reach the Small Cave Pool by car, just make your way to the Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins and then head diagonally across to the coast’s edge. PS: Take caution, as you will need to climb down a very steep ladder in order to reach the rocks and pool cave.

12. Dunes by the California Lighthouse

Head to the sand dunes near the California Lighthouse for a stroll and watch the sunrise or sunset (that all depends on if you’re a morning or night person of course). Take in the peaceful surroundings and unique setting. This beautiful sight to see is the perfect way to start or end your day!

And, for those seeking more exhilarating activities:

For all the underwater enthusiasts out there, scuba diving in Aruba is one of the most unforgettable experiences that you simply cannot miss out on. The island is known for its numerous wreck dive sites that are easily accessible by boat (some even rather close to shore), perfect for exploring the vibrant array of coral and marine life, including sting rays, moray eels, barracuda, lobsters, and other exotic sea life. If you’re lucky enough (or know where to go) you can even witness sleeping nurse sharks and dive along the beautiful and gentle sea turtles.

To discover Aruba’s best dive sites and get more details on each site, browse our dive sites section. Here you will be able to view useful information and highlights on each dive site to better prepare for your dive experience, such as the recommended diver skill level required, depth range of the site, nearby location, marine life, and more. In addition, you can view a map of scuba diving locations. Want to sign up for a diving course or join a dive tour? Contact Red Sail Aruba.

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If you aren’t qualified to go diving, or, if it seems a bit too extreme for you, opt for snorkeling instead. There are plenty of amazing beaches to head to for a fun and relaxing day of snorkeling. Don’t want to head out on your own? You can also book a sail and snorkel cruise or an island tour with a snorkel stop.

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