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Windsurfing & Kite Surfing

Aruba's constant trade winds have made the Island a very popular spot for windsurfers. Beginners to hard-core enthusiasts will find suitable locations for their skill levels from flat-water sailing to challenging wave conditions. Aruba is host to the annual Hi-Winds Windsurfing Pro-Am Grand Prix World Cup event in June.

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Break out of your comfort zone and experience the thrills and spills of kiting in the crystal-clear, waist-deep water at Fishermen's Huts!

You'll start with the basics and most important part of kite surfing: learning how to control a kite. After a short session on land, you'll drag your own body in the water using the power of the kite - a technique you'll need to get back to your board later on. When you manage to go upwind with your kite and can handle strong power dips, you're ready to get on the board! We will guide you in combining your new kite techniques with riding the board, and once you get the hang of putting it all together, you'll be hooked!

Welcome to the kite surf community! Suitable for ALL ages above 7 years.

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Get your sail up and go - it's playtime!

Learning how to windsurf is like playing on the water. As soon as you pick up the sail, the wind will sweep you out, and you'll be sailing straight away. The instructor will teach you how to hold your sail, stand on the board, hoist up the sail, and make turns. He'll explain everything in 1 hour, after which you will have 1 hour to put the theory in practice under his close supervision.

Feel the fun and freedom of dancing on the water with Aruba's trade winds! For all ages starting at 6 years.

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