All photography owned by: © Anita van den Heuvel | Old Aruba

A Look Back at the Old Aruba

We’re taking it way, way back. Back to when Aruba consisted of only dirt, cacti, donkeys, goats, bare beaches, and simple times! For those of you that only know Aruba as you see it today, take a look at the early days of our “One Happy Island”! Goats enjoying a beach day!   Back when … Continue reading “A Look Back at the Old Aruba”

White Cane Day on Aruba!

October 15th is internationally recognized as ‘White Cane Day’, a day that has become both an annual celebration of the achievements of people with visual impairments, and a day to recognize the white cane as a tool of independence for the blind. There are references to blind people using a shepherd’s staff to help them … Continue reading “White Cane Day on Aruba!”

Photo courtesy of Juan Camilo

9 Reasons Why Aruba is the Happiest Island of Them All!

1. Sunshine is life Many studies have proven that sunlight boosts levels of serotonin, simply put: more sunlight means better moods! So bring on the sunshine! Luckily Aruba is blessed with perfect year-round weather, as the island falls just outside of the hurricane belt avoiding the most damaging tropical storms. Okay sure, every now and … Continue reading “9 Reasons Why Aruba is the Happiest Island of Them All!”