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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there places in Aruba suitable for surfing?

Although there is a growing surfing community on the island, there are much more body boarders active due to the types of waves we get in Aruba. Several beaches on the North coast, such as Andicuri and Wariruri, and in Arikok National Park, such as Dos Playa, are where you'll most likely catch body boarders and surfers. However, there are certain seasons, when you will find uncommon spots getting nice breaks, such as Manchebo Beach, Arashi Beach, and Nanki. Just remember to respect surf etiquette when visiting!

Are there topless beaches in Aruba?

Topless in Aruba is not illegal, there is no specific law against it, but it's not permitted on public beaches. There are two private beaches where this is allowed, namely on Renaissance Island & De Palm Island. As Manchebo Beach Resort and Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts cater to many European guests. They do have separate areas where Europeans can go topless, but they are not permitted to walk on the beach topless.

Can I get discounts on my Aruba vacation?

Yes you can! The best way to get great Aruba discounts and special offers is to apply for your own personalized VisitAruba Plus discount card. This discount card is accepted at over 80 different Aruba businesses, and in most cases, by using your card just once you will have recovered the cost of purchase. After that, it's pure savings. As you may make use of the card and discounts as many times as you'd like. More information is available on the VisitAruba Plus website. Furthermore, make sure to check out our Aruba Deals and Special Offers page for the latest specials offered in Aruba.

Can I get married in Aruba?

Yes, legal civil marriages are performed in Aruba at the Civil Town House. It is also quite common for couples to have a beach blessing once they have been legally married in Aruba or in their home country. More information is available in our Getting Married in Aruba page. For Aruba wedding inquiries and more detailed information about planning your wedding in Aruba, you can make use of this VisitAruba Weddings contact form.

Can I go fishing in Aruba?

There are many different options when it comes to fishing in Aruba. One can take a deep-sea fishing charter, or simply pick locations for fly fishing. More information is available in our Fishing in Aruba and Deep Sea Fishing Charters page.

Can one swim with dolphins in Aruba?

There are no seaquariums or dolphinariums in Aruba. Our sister island, Curacao, does have a seaquarium called Cucacao Sea Aquarium where they used to offer swimming with dolphins as an attraction. However, this is not something that seems to be promoted any more on the internet. In Aruba, there has been a lot of resistance to organizations who have contemplated keeping dolphins in captivity for public entertainment, which explains the lack of such establishments.

What is there to do in Aruba?

Aruba is famous for being a beach destination, but what many don't know is that our One Happy Island has much more to offer beyond the white sandy beaches. There are fun and interesting Aruba events, diverse tours and activities, shopping hot spots, bustling nightlife, and many delicious world-class restaurants to enjoy.

Where are the Aruba beaches?

Aruba is surrounded by beautiful white sandy beaches at various of the island's coastlines. There's a Black Stone Beach near the rougher edges of the island where many adventurers like to go off-roading and hiking. To view the diverse selection of beaches check out our Aruba Beaches page. We also have a convenient Aruba Beach Map to help you get started on your beach-hopping journey.

Where can I find information about Deep Sea Fishing?

You can find information about deep sea fishing in Aruba on our Fishing in Aruba and Deep Sea Fishing Charters page.

Where can I find information on activities for vacationing with a family?

If you're looking for suggestions on fun things to do with the fam while vacationing on the One Happy Island, check out our Family Vacation in Aruba: 18 Kid-friendly Activities blog for inspiration. For more information on planning your family trip, view our Aruba Family Vacations page.

Where can I find information on windsurfing and kitesurfing in Aruba?

Every year Aruba celebrates the windsurfing and kite surfing sports by hosting the annual Aruba Hi-Winds Kitesurfing & Windsurfing Tournament. For more information on windsurfing and kite surfing in Aruba, check out our Windsurfing & Kite Surfing page.

Where can I get the recipe for the Aruban cocktail "Aruba Ariba"?

The famous Aruban cocktail, "Aruba Ariba" which was created back in 1963, is an iconic drink favorited by both locals and visitors alike. You can find the recipe for the "Aruba Ariba" on our Aruba Cocktails page.

Where can I play golf in Aruba and what can you tell me about the golf courses?

There are currently 3 major golf courses on the island, The Divi Links at Divi Aruba, Tierra del Sol, and Aruba Golf Club. For more information on golfing in Aruba check out our Golf page.

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