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Tours and Activities

Are you planning to do something different than lying down on the beach all day? Aruba has plenty of different options to choose from and you can make it as low-key or high-energy as you want. Aruba offers a wide selection of tours and activities on the water and on land.

If you are a water lover, sign up for Aruba scuba diving lessons, hop on board a catamaran for snorkeling fun, get on the submarine for an view of Aruba's underwater world or take an Aruba deep sea fishing tour. Also for water sports lovers Aruba is a great Wind & Kite surfing destination and kayaking combines the fun of working out with exploring the island.

With many different sights and natural attractions there is a lot to see on the island. Let professional tour guides show you around the island in an air-conditioned bus, jeep or on horseback. Or rent your own jeep, mountain bike or ATV to drive around the island to discover all the beauty Aruba has to offer

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Island Tours

Although Aruba is only 30 km (19 miles) long and about 8 km (5 miles) wide there are plenty things to discover. Hop onboard of one of the island tours and let the guides take you around the island while they tell you everything about Aruba's culture and history.
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Sailing & Snorkeling

Aruba's mainly calm waters and easily accessible reefs are great for snorkeling. Spend some time on one of the catamarans for a day of sun and snorkeling or a romantic sunset sail. There are also many snorkel sites that can be reached from the shore, so get your snorkel gear and explore Aruba's abundant sea life on your own.
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Underwater Tours

Discover Aruba's wonderful underwater world without getting wet by getting on board a submarine. During the tour you will get a chance to see the remains of shipwrecks, remarkable coral reefs and a wealth of colorful marine life. Another option to go beyond snorkeling is snuba, an easy and safe way to experience the beauty of Aruba's sea life.
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Diving in Aruba is an unforgettable experience. As you descend further towards the Caribbean seabed a diverse and magnificent marine life emerges. With over twenty dives sites and numerous wreck diving sites, Aruba is known as one of the prime wreck diving destinations in the Caribbean.
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Biking & Cycling

Mountain bikes are a perfect option to explore Aruba's countryside; especially the north coast is a favorite under bikers. Mountain bike terrain offers a mix of both flatter areas and challenging hill trails, and the wind provides an additional challenge. Guided cycling tours are available but you can also rent a bike and explore Aruba's countryside on your own.
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Horseback Riding

There are several horseback riding companies on Aruba. Ranches offer tours along the beautiful coastline or through Aruba's rough countryside presenting some of Aruba' natural wonders on the way. Riders of all experience levels are welcome at Aruba's ranches.
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Golfers will get the chance to practice their swing at one of the three golf courses on the island. Aruba features 2 top-notch golf courses; an 18-hole course with ocean view, a 9-hole course surrounded by luxurious vacation villas. Aruba's third and oldest golf course built in 1941, also a 9-hole course, is not as manicured but worth a visit to enjoy the nostalgia and natural peaceful surroundings.
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Wind Surfing & Kite Surfing

Aruba earned a reputation as a Windsurfing paradise because of the constant trade winds, flat water locations and challenging wave conditions. Beginners can find windsurfing spots with easy conditions and calm winds along the west coast. The beaches along the south east side of the island are great wind surfing spots for the more experienced Wind & Kite surfers.
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Museums of Aruba

Aruban cultural heritage is studied, documented and preserved by the archaeological, historical and Numismatic museums. The Aruban museums invite you to a visit and to learn about our history and culture.

Other activities

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