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Self-Care and Wellness Vacation in Aruba

In need of a little recharge? It’s essential to take a step back and prioritize self-care and well-being, and Aruba just so happens to be the perfect place to decompress. Consider these ideas for your Aruba vacation to achieve the ultimate self-care and wellness goals for your body and mind!

Go for a walk, run or hike
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Simple, yet oh-so-effective! A great activity to clear your mind and get your blood flowing. There are several different areas with nice paths for walking and running, such as Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Fisherman’s Huts to Malmok, and Linear Park downtown. If you really want to immerse yourself in nature, climb the Hooiberg, head to the dunes by the California Lighthouse, make your way to the trails near Alto Vista Chapel, or enter Arikok National Park and get a great hike in! Check out our hike for some inspiration and beautiful views. If it’s your first time in the park we recommend requesting a park ranger at the Visitor’s Center.

Care for your skin and body
Photo by Hilton Aruba‘s eforea Spa

What is self-care without a spa day? It is a must for anyone looking for some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Turn off all of the noise and chaos in your life and go get yourself a massage. Not only is a massage a great way to unwind, but so are facial treatments as well as a manicure and pedicure. The time is now to treat yourself, so go on, you deserve it!

Treat yourself to a massage at Okeanos Spa on Renaissance Private Island for some quality pampering and relaxation. Or, check out the new extensive spa treatment menu for Hilton Aruba’s eforea Spa! Their menu includes specialty wellness treatments with a local touch.

Boardwalk Boutique Hotel has an on-property spa where their local partner, Aruba Wellness Therapies offers various treatments and massages.

Skincare tip – Don’t leave the island without our local Aloe skincare products, your skin will thank you later! Visit the Aruba Aloe Factory or one of the Aruba Aloe stores.

Soak up some sunshine at the beach
Photo by Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

A relaxing day on the beach is just what the doctor ordered. From the sparkling white sand to the warm breeze swaying in the palm trees, crystal clear water, and colorful marine life, our beaches are calling your name! Read a book, soak up some vitamin D, and take a dip in Aruba’s mesmerizing blues. Browse Aruba’s best beaches.

Psst, Want to stay sand-free but still in the mood for a refreshing dip with a view? Try Radisson Blu‘s infinity pool for the afternoon.

Find your zen at The Butterfly Farm
Photo by The Butterfly Farm

This is truly a fun and special activity to help calm your mind. Step into a little tropical oasis and find yourself surrounded by vibrant and beautiful butterflies! Located near the hotel area, it’s a great way to escape life’s hustle and bustle and find some peace of mind. At times, The Butterfly Farm even hosts free meditation sessions, how perfect is that? Check with them directly for more details.

Stretch it out with SUP yoga or Paddle Boarding

Try SUP yoga on Palm Beach. Not familiar with SUP yoga? It takes place on an extra-wide surfboard (stand-up paddleboard). Whether you are a beginner or expert, it’s an awesome and calming experience. You are sure to love the view of the crystal clear blue waters surrounding you!

If yoga isn’t exactly your thing, try one of the newest watersport sensations, paddleboarding. Requiring some real balance and coordination, it is worth mastering! Look down on Aruba’s underwater life from above the water, experience true relaxation, and achieve a serious workout while you’re at it! Contact Delphi Watersports to book your session. If balancing on a board sounds too advanced for you, ask Delphi about their kayaking activities.

The best places to go paddleboarding are Palm Beach or in the waterways by the mangroves near Mangel Halto (Spanish Lagoon area). You will find it is the perfect place to get lost in nature and see a completely different side to Aruba!

Stay at a quiet, small resort
Photo by Boardwalk Boutique Hotel Aruba

Choose a smaller, quieter resort. Picture your very own intimate little tropical oasis to come home to after a day of island adventure. You’ll find many options quite close to the popular hotel and nightlife area, as well as a bit more “off the grid” and tucked away, yet close enough to all of your points of interest on the island!

Wellness activity tip – Don’t forget to ask your resort for their offered yoga or other wellness activities. Such as Hilton Aruba‘s weekly pilates, hatha flow, vinyasa flow, and health & fitness classes.  Boardwalk also offers yoga and meditation classes on request.

Browse small apartment and boutique hotels in Aruba here.

Healthy and delicious dining

If you find yourself on a self-care and wellness journey, perhaps you want to opt for some extra healthy, yet delicious dining options. Well luckily for you, that is absolutely possible in Aruba. Some options to try are Yemanja Woodfired Grill, Eduardo’s Beach Shack, The Coco Café at Boardwalk, Garden Fresh Cafe, Purely Green, and The Butterfly Farm’s Nectar Cafe. There are plenty more so make sure to do some research or ask around.

Aruba is known for quite a unique and wide selection of cuisines and flavors. Get an inside look at some of our personal dining experiences and suggestions or browse a list of restaurants in Aruba.

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