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Four Ways to Feel the Romance in Aruba

If you’re looking to spice up your love life, then you’ve come to the right island in the Caribbean! Aruba’s oozing with romantic opportunities, both extravagant and effortless. Reviving romance is no hard task on these pristine grounds (or in the waters that surround them).

JLO said it first: “love don’t cost a thing”, and on the One Happy Island, you don’t need much to bring back those butterflies-in-your-stomach vibes. For those of you who truly enjoy proper quality time with your significant other, I hereby share 4 ways to feel extra romantic in Aruba:

Floating in the Sea with Your Dushi

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Floating in the Caribbean Sea with your dushi can definitely bring up lovey dovey feelings. Take a moment to imagine: you and your love surrounded by crystal clear waters with the occasional school of fish swimming nearby. You never know, you might even get to see a sea turtle say hi while they poke their little head up to catch a breath of fresh air. Just you, your significant other, and the calmness of the Caribbean Sea surrounding Aruba.

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Floating in open waters can feel so dreamy thanks to the lack-of-gravity,  lightweight feeling. The only thing that feels grounded in these fluid moments are the embrace of your lover and the periodic moments where your toes graze the sandy floors. Aruba’s float-worthy beaches aren’t just romantic during the peek hours of daylight, if you two love birds are up for the challenge, then I’d recommend a float date while watching the sunset too.

Beach-side Bronzing with Bae

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Getting sun-kissed with your soulmate while relaxing on Aruba’s seashores is a total must-do. Whether you and your partner enjoy indulging in delicious snacks while watching the waves, or getting to catch up on some side-by-side reading with the occasional snuggle, make sure you pack accordingly for your beach day with your amor.

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There’s no set requirement that says you need to lay like lettuce all day long as you enjoy your oceanfront date. If you want to explore the island, by all means please do! You and your babe could opt to take a long and leisurely, romantic stroll on the beach. This way the two of you can basque in Aruba’s natural beauty, and possibly discover something new together too.

Pier Chillin’ with Your Perfect Pair

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It’s no coincidence that there are quite a few piers here, you know since we are surrounded by bodies of water. So, if you just love being by the sea, but would like to switch it up from your usual beach walks, then I’d recommend wandering on a pier with your pareha, aka partner. Renaissance Marina‘s almost always, fully-docked pier is one lengthy deck that’s perfect for cozy conversations and yacht-watching at sunset.

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Add some ice cream cones to the mix, and you’re set for a classic date, but with the bonus aspect of being on the One happy Island. More of an adult-beverages-over-sweets type of couple? No problem. Load up your picnic basket with your choice of drinks and munchies for the perfect lover’s pier date. Voila! You’re ready for unwinding at dusk time with your dushi.

Get Lost in the Mangroves with Your Main Squeeze

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Aruba’s diverse wildlife includes the magical structures of mangroves, and what better way to spice up the romance then getting lost together? Uncharted territory, adrenaline rushes and a sidekick who you enjoy smooching? Yep, all the ingredients for a lover’s journey! Discover the adventure that awaits as you and your boo explore the enchantingly tangled mangroves that play gatekeeper for secret beach spots on the One Happy Island.

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If you’ve ever been to Mangel Halto then you already know what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t then I urge you to make this your next stop to explore. Interested in experiencing a wilder mangrove adventure? You and your main squeeze could also explore the Spanish Lagoon’s mangroves by kayak.

Although romantic gestures such as thoughtful gifts and beach-side dinners are much-appreciated, nothing beats quality time with your lover to remind yourselves of that passion that first brought you together. Here’s to many more years of boosting the romantic feels with your amor!

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