Photo by Divi & Tamarijn Aruba Inclusives

Meet the Animals That Live the Island Life in Aruba

Get to know some of Aruba’s beautiful beings that coexist with us here on the One Happy Island in this colorful photo blog!

Can you guess which animals will be featured?

Keep scrolling to discover the animals that live the island life in Aruba 😉

Loungin’ Lizards

Photos by Aruba Birdlife Conservation, Arikok National Park & Aruba Paradise Photos

Island Insects

Photos by @redrose0605, Erik Neuteboom, Arikok National Park & @romi.navia

Delightful Donkeys

Show Love to These Locals: Check out Donkey Sanctuary Aruba🐴

Photos by Marga & Niek Valk, Donkey Sanctuary Aruba & @emmagallagherphoto

Curious Crabs

Photos by Arikok National Park, Boardwalk Hotel Aruba & Birdwatching Aruba

Marvelous Marine Life

Show Love to These Locals: Check out ScubbleBubbles Foundation: Aruba Youth for the Ocean 🐠 and Aruba Reef Care Foundation🐙

Photos by ScubbleBubbles Foundation Aruba, Octopus Aruba, Seabob Aruba & Jetlag Creative Studio

Triumphant Turtles

Show Love to These Locals: Check out Turtugaruba Foundation 🐢

Photos by @all_things_aruba, Holiday Inn Resort Aruba & Jetlag Creative Studio

Bold Birdies

Show Love to These Locals (and other Aruba birdies): Check out Aruba Birdlife Conservation 🦜

Photos by Aruba Reef Care Foundation, Erik Neuteboom, Aruba Flora & Fauna, Birdwatching Aruba & Artmando Multimedia

Crioyo Cats & Dogs

Adopt a Crioyo* Cat or Dog: Get in touch with one, or more, of the island’s animal welfare & rescue foundations! The following are some you can contact regarding adoptions: Sgt Pepper’s Friends🐱, Animal Rights Aruba🐶, Aruba Animal Shelter🐈, Animal Relief Foundation🐕, Luna Foundation Aruba🐩 & Nine Lives Aruba Foundation 🐾

Photos by Aruba Paradise Photos, Hilton Caribbean Resort & Casino & Sgt Pepper's Friends

Hope you enjoyed this photo blog featuring diverse animals who live the Caribbean life on (or in the sea surrounding) Aruba 🙂 Until next time, Aruba Lovers!

*Crioyo: used to describe typical cultural aspects of Aruba recognized by the Aruban community. As well as distinctive things and mannerisms pertaining to the island.