White Cane Day on Aruba!

October 15th is internationally recognized as ‘White Cane Day’, a day that has become both an annual celebration of the achievements of people with visual impairments, and a day to recognize the white cane as a tool of independence for the blind. There are references to blind people using a shepherd’s staff to help them … Continue reading “White Cane Day on Aruba!”

Image courtesy of Philip's Animal Garden

Philip’s Celebrates Animal Day!

The miniature goats at the animal garden were bouncing off the wall the other day! Their furry beards were trembling with excitement as they poked their little mouths through the chainlinks that construct their cozy enclosure. It was over the annual celebration of Dia di Bestia (Animal Day) Weekend at Philip’s Animal Garden and those … Continue reading “Philip’s Celebrates Animal Day!”

A Haven for Aruba’s Donkeys

Donkeys, locally known as ‘burico’, had a long history of serving the people of Aruba until – well…until they didn’t anymore. Over 1,400 donkeys were living on the island at the turn of the 20th century. They served as the primary form of transportation for those who could afford them and worked with farmers and … Continue reading “A Haven for Aruba’s Donkeys”