Photo by Sailaway Tour Aruba

Ahoy Fellow Arrr-uba Pirates

Aruba’s stunning white shores are an undeniable natural treasure that have beckoned visitors for centuries. Some of these visitors were a rowdy, rum-soaked lot who traversed the high seas looking for nothing more than vast treasure and memorable adventures. No! I’m not talking about Carnival’s Senior Cruise Line (although you can trust me when I … Continue reading “Ahoy Fellow Arrr-uba Pirates”

Aruba’s Stabby Plants

Recently, in a popular, Arubacentric Social Media Group, a first-time tourist expressed a bit of dismay regarding their recent excursion to the island. Naturally, the complaint wasn’t about the island’s food – we’ve got some of the best restaurants you could hope to find on a rock in the Caribbean Sea. It also wasn’t about … Continue reading “Aruba’s Stabby Plants”

Photo by Artmando Multimedia

Sea Turtles: Aruba’s Earliest Visitors

Long before Aruba’s first human visitors arrived, the island welcomed another group of intrepid tourists: sea turtles. These majestic creatures are among a very select group of animals that have roamed the Earth since the Jurassic Period – about 150 million years ago! Along with bees, crocodiles, and cockroaches, sea turtles survived several mass extinction … Continue reading “Sea Turtles: Aruba’s Earliest Visitors”

Photo by Nine Lives Foundation Aruba

Tourist Spotlight: Terry Bimbo Daly of Nine Lives Aruba Foundation

Cats and dogs have a long bond with humankind. While most animals were deemed either ‘wild’ or ‘food’, long ago, humans decided to bond with canines and felines because both animals are incredibly useful. Dogs make excellent protectors and hunting buddies; while cats would probably be the apex predator on the planet if they weren’t … Continue reading “Tourist Spotlight: Terry Bimbo Daly of Nine Lives Aruba Foundation”