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Authentic Aruba Recipes - Side Dishes

Recipe Name Arepita di pampuna (pumpkin pancakes)
Recipe Description

Arepita di pampuna

A delicious and sweet side dish that goes well with stew dishes and soups. read more

Recipe Name Copper's Rummed-Yams
Recipe Description

Copper's Rummed-Yams

Although it is sometimes called a yam, the sweet potato is not in the yam family, nor is it closely related to the common potato. The first Europeans to taste sweet potatoes were members of Columbus' expedition in 1492. Later explorers found many varieties under an assortment of local names, but the name which stayed was the indigenous Taino name of batata. Aruban local name for Yam is "Batata Dushi" read more
Recipe Name Cornmeal Coo Coo
Recipe Description

Cornmeal Coo Coo

Without okra, this recipe from the southern United States is the same as Aruban funchi. Cut cooked coo coo into finger sized strips and fry in butter in skillet until crisp. Dip into milk-softened Gorgonzola cheese for parties or snacking.read more
Recipe Name Funchi (Corn-Meal Mush)
Recipe Description


Funchi, the Antillean staple, is a simple corn-meal preparation. It must be vigorously stirred while cooking and to the rhytm of these rotations old-time cooks repeated. Un pa mi, un pa bo, un pe. Funchi was then scooped from the kettle with a little round calabash, and the "funchi ball" was placed on each individual plate - "One for me, one for you, one for him". read more
Recipe Name Herb Salad
Recipe Description

Herb Salad

A wonderfully crunchy salad to eat as it is courtesy of Simply Fish read more
Recipe Name Pan Bati
Recipe Description

Pan Bati

Similar to pancakes but different in taste, this is a very popular side dish and goes with almost any typical Aruban dishes like, soups, stews and fried fish or conch.

read more
Recipe Name Pan de Jamon
Recipe Description

Pan de Jamon

This Christmas traditional recipe is served side by side the ayaca and the traditional turkey. But it can be enjoyed as well as a breakfast side dish or a light lunch.read more

Recipe Name Papaya Berde (Stewed Green Papaya)
Recipe Description

Papaya Berde (Stewed Green Papaya)

This fine dish is an excellent accompaniment to the stobas, or stews.read more
Recipe Name Papaya Pudding
Recipe Description

Papaya Pudding

Hot pudding to combine your meal with veal, pork or chicken. read more
Recipe Name Salada di Batata (Potato salad)
Recipe Description

Potato Salad

Great with barbeque read more
Recipe Name Shrimp, Tuna and Macaroni Salad
Recipe Description

Shrimp, Tuna and Macaroni Salad

A favorite salad to company your roast chicken or barbecue dish. read more
Recipe Name Tutu
Recipe Description


Tutu is funchi with frills, a heartier version of the standard corn-meal dish read more

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