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ARUBA LOVE: 4 Reasons Why You Should be Here.

Aruba Lovers can be found all around the globe, & if you’ve ever heard of Instagram  (which we’re assuming you have, but if you haven’t, you can click here to explore), then you already know about the popular Location Tag: Aruba, You Should be Here.

The VisitAruba team decided to highlight the ARUBA LOVE that can be  seen online thanks to the ease of social networking. A few years back you had to wait until your family and friends got back from their travels to SHARE THEIR VACATION STORIES.


Now you can get an almost ALL-ACCESS EXPERIENCE to help you with your future travel planning, or, current daydreaming inspo, with just a few clicks.

We’ve compiled a list of our FAVORITE SNAPSHOTS that we found on ‘Insta’ (*short for Instagram) from people who gave the One Happy Island a lovely little shout out. Categorizing the TOP FOUR REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BE HERE, inspired by YOU, as the following:

  • Aruba as the main CELEBRATION DESTINATION.
  • ISLAND LIFE, a.k.a Island Time, that instantly helps turn on your vacation mode.
  • TROPICAL WEATHER that makes it feel like summertime all year round.
  • The island’s remarkable and diverse NATURAL BEAUTY.

*Keep scrolling to discover the beautiful pics of paradise for yourself!


Instagram user @theamandabooth shared a snap from her HONEYMOON IN PARADISE, titling the post, ‘A Friday well spent.’
Insta user @elisabethheidinga shared a snapshot from a FATHER’S DAY IN THE CARIBBEAN trip, with her post caption including, ‘You mean everything to us — #HappyFathersDay #ILoveAruba #CelebratingInAruba.’
Instagram user @loveyourstylist shared a picture with the fam ON THE BEACH WITH SANTA HATS sharing gratitude for having celebrated the holidays in paradise, by captioning the post, ‘Finished off 2017 with the most amazing trip to Aruba with my family and my babe for Christmas, made some incredible memories, saw some beautiful places, and had so much fun.’
Insta user @laurenkeierleber13 shared a snap for the NEW YEAR of the clear blue waters that surround the island, titling the photo, ‘Floating into 2018 like.’
Instagram user @nellyp19 shared a BIRTHDAY TRIP picture of the One Happy Island, captioning the photo, ‘Unapologetically 30 #CheckingOffThatBucketList #Aruba #OneHappyPlace #ArubaVacation.’

Although the holidays (Christmas & New Years to be more specific) are considered PRIME ARUBA TIME, travelers come down for many other celebrations too! If you are looking for a reason to visit Aruba, there is so much to celebrate in life, all you have to do is pick, plan your trip, and CELEBRATE IN PARADISE.


Insta user @coolmoon212 shared a pic of the Aruba lifestyle, a.k.a ISLAND LIFE (pancakes with an ocean view? – yes, please!), titling the post, ‘Mornings like this at Aruba.’
Instagram user @laurynxc16 shared a jump-of-joy in her Aruba picture, along with the worry-free lifestyle, by titling her snapshot, ‘No filter and no worries out here.’
Insta user @jaell_ shared a picture with some famous pink fellas that live on Renaissance Island, captioning the shot, ‘Anything (flamin)goes in Aruba — Take me back!’

*For more information on the Renaissance Island click here.

Instagram user @tamitlamilla shared a snap ON A BOAT soaking up some Viatmin D, captioning the post ‘Just Relax — #ArubaLovers.’
Insta user @lindseybsimon shared one of the main reasons people LOVE visiting Aruba, with a caption to match the vibe, titling her post ‘Vacation life.’

ISLAND LIFE is all about vacation mode being turned ‘ON.’ Whether that means SLEEPING IN and not having to press snooze – because Island Time doesn’t really bother with alarms, or rushing from place A to place B -, or SIPPING ON COCKTAILS BY THE BEACH, as soon as you land at Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport you’ll feel the relaxation (and festive feels) kick in.


Instagram user @karlarain shared a – lounging & basking in the sunshine – photo, with hashtags that backed up her love for Aruba’s TROPICAL WEATHER, of which include: #Aruba #NeverLeaving #BestWeatherEver #LoveItHere.
Insta user @gabbydannunzio shared a fun-in-the-sun moment in Aruba, titling the post ’85 and sunny with a chance of rum!’
Instagram user @molleeveurink shared a picture of  the One Happy Island, along with some WARM WISHES while praising her dad for his Aruba picture-taking-skills, captioning the post, ‘Anyone who needs some bright and beachy weather…my dad came through and has been sending me all the Aruba feels and photos. — He goes for walks on the beach and I tell him to practice his picture taking skills each time! LOL He did good with this one!’
Insta user @bofer99 shared a snap of  an Aruba sunset saying farewell to a pier full of fishing charters, titling the post ‘Final sunset before heading back to ‘0’ degrees!’

*If you’re looking for some fishing action while vacationing you can check out our read on Aruba Fishing Charters here.

Instagram user @rachel_straughen_photography shared a fiery sunset shot by Eagle Beach, titling the post ‘Keep those warm thoughts coming! Missing days like this in Aruba! I have never seen a more gorgeous sunset.’


Insta user @michael_angelo_77 shared a shot of Aruba’s volcanic-looking natural structures titling the post, ‘Vulcanoid.’
Instagram user @nettyway84 shared a shot of Aruba’s rougher sides (regularly visited by offroaders, bodyboarders, surfers, and Aruba adventure seekers) titling the post ‘The Beautiful Island of Aruba.’
Insta user @simplyoutdoorsy shared a shot of Aruba’s greenery from the top of one of Aruba’s hills, Hooiberg, titling the post ”Hooiberg’ with a view.’
Instagram user @katyakulyzhka shared a shot of the One Happy Island’s desert-esque landscape, titling the post, ‘Weekend chill vibes – I’m still in nyc, but my mind is not… — #ArubaOneHAppyIsland #WeekendVibes #OnMyMind’
Instagram user @paulodfontes shared a shot of the iconic Caribbean sea waters surrounding the island, titling the post, ‘Paradise on earth?’

You know the whole ‘you can see your toes even while being neck-deep in the ocean‘ thing? Well, it’s a fact in Aruba – you actually can!

Aruba’s BEAUTIFUL AND DISTINCT landscape is something that a lot of people don’t even know about, as many only see the white sandy beaches and hotel areas while on their trip. (*If you’re interested in exploring the terrains that make up the One Happy Island you can take a glimpse at our blog, The Diverse Desert Island That is Aruba, by clicking here.)


Many Aruba Visitors consistently return to the One Happy Island, because one visit just leaves you wanting more… (*If you’re looking for more reasons to keep teasing that curious cat in you, you can check out our favorite 2017 snapshots of Aruba by clicking here,  or FOLLOW US ON INSTA!)

What’s the mark that Aruba has imprinted on you after your trip – why do YOU love Aruba? SHARE WITH US, we’d love to know!

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