Boat-hopping in Aruba: Fishing Charters edition.

Let’s Go Boat-Hopping in ARUBA!
Are you one of those people who loves to say: “I’M ON A BOAT!”

You know what I’m talking about-the infamous Old Spice Commercial where he’s on a boat and then he’s on a horse. Well, I don’t know about you, but any opportunity to say those four words, is always a fun four-second moment. (Four second moment, ‘cause you know you have to document the glorious moment to share with your friends!)

The One Happy Island that we all love, has got plenty of boats to be on while adventuring in Aruba. There are catamarans, sailboats, fishing charters, submarines, speedboats, and so much more saltwater cruisers to scope out and enjoy while visiting. Let’s go virtual boat-hopping: FISHING CHARTERS edition, to discover the Caribbean sea voyagers and dinner-catching cruises that are available on our “Dushi Isla” (“Dushi Isla” is the equivalent to “Sweet Island” in Papiamento).

Before sharing some of the most renowned Fishing Charters, according to Trip Advisor’s Top Rated Fishing Charters & Tours in Aruba, let’s splash into some fun facts with regards to the types of fishing charter activities that are available, fish species that are regularly found in the seas surrounding Aruba, and some tips on prepping for a fishing charter trip.

Types of Fishing Charter Activities:

Deep Sea Fishing, a.k.a. Offshore Fishing
Deep sea fishing is defined by the World Fishing Network as

“a form of angling that requires deep waters and usually takes place further away from land. The water depth should be at least 30 meters to be considered deep sea fishing territory. This fishing method is also often called offshore boat fishing, sport fishing, and big game fishing.”

If you’re looking to boat it up by the deep blue sea, then a fishing charter with a captain and crew specialized in deep sea fishing is what you’re looking for! Just an FYI 30 meters is equivalent to about 98 feet, and that’s the minimum depth dimension to be considered deep sea fishing, so be sure to board with a steady crew.

Inshore Fishing
According to the definition of inshore fishing as explained by Fisherman’s Outfitter, besides the fact that the fishing activities have to be done in waters no deeper than 30 meters, another difference between offshore fishing and inshore fishing is that

“the requirements for a fishing vessel are less intense, and boats can be very small and basic. In terms of equipment, such as poles, holders, attire, and storage, inshore fishing requires less, as well.”

Photo courtesy of Pelican Adventures.

Now you know the difference between inshore and offshore fishing. Both types of fishing are offered on the One Happy Island, booking a trip depends on your personal preference. Among these types of fishing you can also book a charter for some snorkeling time with the family, or to go bill-fishing with your friends. Besides a snorkel trip and bill fishing, there are also fly fishing and spin fishing trips available. Fly & Spin Fishing Aruba shares that:

“Whether you like to fish the inshore mangroves for Snook -baby Tarpon (when available) Barracuda –Jack, or if you like to fish the reef for bigger fish on top-water lures or speed jigging -bottom fishing (on request) and trolling the deep…”

These types of fishing trips are also available for your enjoyment while vacationing on the One Happy Island!

Photo courtesy of Sailaway Tour Aruba

Types of Fish Found:

There is a ton of information online regarding the specific types of species of fish you can find swimming around Aruba. There’s even info on seasonal sea visitors, and believe it or not, but high-seasons and low-seasons also exist when it comes to fish! The types of fish that enjoy the depths and temperatures of our surrounding waters include, but are not limited to:

  • Mahi Mahi
  • Blue Marlin
  • Wahoo
  • Barracuda
  • Kingfish
  • Bonito
  • Sailfish
  • Amberjack
  • Blackfin Tuna
  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Jack
  • Snook
  • Baby Tarpon
  • Bonefish

Prepping for a Fishing Charter Trip answers the question that all future fishing charter passengers are asking themselves: ‘What do I bring, and how do I prep for my trip?’ See their input below.

“You’ll want to bring along a well-stocked cooler of your favorite food and beverages to enjoy while you’re out on the water. You may want a reserve cooler back on the docks to load your fish into when we get back. Other helpful items to bring on the boat include polarized sunglasses, a cap and sunscreen. Depending on the weather, you may want a backpack that contains some rain gear or a light jacket. Of course, don’t forget a camera. You’ll want plenty of photos during your trip.”

Photo courtesy of Fly and Spin Fishing Aruba.

Trip Advisors Top Fishing Charters Highlight

Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters

(Book a trip with Mahi Mahi Fishing Charters here.)

Boat: Sea-iesta – 54’ Bertram
Boat Capacity: 12 persons
Trip Types: Half day 4 hours, 3/4 Day Trip 6 hours, Full Day Trip 8 hours.
Trip Time: 7:00 am
Quote from the Boat: “Regardless of if you’re a veteran offshore angler, or are organizing you first big game trip, we at Mahi Mahi Charters are committed to providing you with a truly enjoyable boating and fishing adventure in Aruba!”

Natasha Sport Fishing

(Book a trip with Natasha Sporting Fish here.)

Boat: Natasha – 42’ Avenger
Boat Capacity: 6 persons
Trip Types: Half day 4 hours, 3/4 Day Trip 6 hours, Full Day Trip 8 hours, Full Day Bill-Fishing Trip 10 hours.
Trip Time:  8:00 am
Quote from the Boat: “We offer deep sea fishing trips as well as other water-based activities such as beach trips and snorkeling, particularly fun for family and friends.”

Lady Sarah Fishing Charters

(Book a trip with Lady Sarah Fishing Charters here.)

Boat: Lady Sarah
Boat: Lady Sarah
Boat Capacity: 6 persons
Trip Types: Half day 4 hours, 3/4 Day Trip 6 hours, Full Day Trip 8 hours.
Trip Time:  7:00 am
Quote from the Boat: “Whether you’re looking to go after that trophy fish you always wanted, or you’re just looking for a fun day on the water, we’re dedicated to providing all our guests with an experience of a lifetime, and an adventure for the ages.”

Photo courtesy of Carla’s Fishing Charter.

Hatts Off Deep Sea Fishing

(Book a trip with Hatts Off Deep Sea Fishing here.)

Boat: Hatts Off
Boat Capacity: 6 persons
Trip Types: Half day 4 hours, 3/4 Day Trip 6 hours, Full Day Trip 8 hours.
Quote from the boat: “Hatts Off is equipped with Rupp 41ft outriggers, 2 downriggers, Shimano 2-speed 50lb and 30lb rod and reels and a Merritt fighting chair in the cockpit. A large assortment of teasers and lures allows us to be ready for any bite.”

Charters Aruba

(Book a trip with Charters Aruba here.)

Boat: Carla – 31’Bertram
Boat Capacity: 6 persons
Trip Types: Half day morning Trip 4 hours, Half day afternoon Trip 4 hours, 3/4 Day Trip 6 hours, Full day Trip 8 hours.
Quote from the boat: “Charters Aruba invites you to join them on their brand new boat Carla and experience the thrill of deep sea fishing off the coast of Aruba! Join Captain Juan Carlos in search of some of the best game fish in the world. ”

Fly and Spin Fishing Aruba (formerly: Fly Fishing Aruba)

(Book a trip with Fly and Spin Fishing Aruba here.)

Boats: 50 Shades of Blue, and Flat Boats
Boat Capacity: 2 persons
Trip Types: 4 and 6-hour trips available for both fly fishing and spin fishing trips.
Trip Time:  Starting at 6:15am, or later depending on client preference.
Quote from the boat: “There are some beautiful flats here and you always have the winds in your back. […] Looking forward to fish with you, light tackle and spin fishers are welcome too. I am a big believer in catch and release!
Yours tropically, [Captain] Laurenz.”

For more information on Fishing Charters of the One Happy Island, and/or to book a fishing charter, you can click here.

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