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Stay Fit and Active While in Aruba!

I’m sorry, what was that you’re thinking? No exercising on vacation? Well…why not exactly? It’s not as outlandish as one may think. Surprisingly, it can end up being the highlight of your vacation, especially if you are in Aruba! Our VisitAruba team is here to reveal all the fun and exciting ways you can stay fit and active while on vacation in Aruba. If you happen to be a local, add these to your list and get to steppin’!

With such a beautiful, diverse landscape, Aruba offers countless places for you to venture to and get in some good exercise while you’re at it! Early mornings and evenings are perfect times to visit the Hooiberg, Aruba’s mountain-like formation towards the middle of the island. It is the second-highest point on the island! The Hooiberg consists of 900 steps making for an excellent place to exercise with rest stops along the way to take in the view. Try going 30 minutes before sunset to catch an amazing view of the island and sea at the top!

With so many impressive views try taking a walk, riding a bike or going for a run.  Linear Park provides a safe trail that runs along the main boulevard from downtown to the airport with several workout stops on the way.  If you are more of an “off the beaten path” type visit the North Coast, beginning just past Arashi Beach where you will find the California Lighthouse.  With less of a crowd, you can have a peaceful, uninterrupted exercise while taking in nature’s beauty.  Listening to the wild waves crash into the coast is amazing!

If you can, visiting Arikok’s National Park is a must. Aruba’s National Park, Arikok covers 20% of the island and is quite a sight to see with endless hills covered in cacti, vegetation, rock formations and wildlife. Dramatic blue waters await as you approach the beautiful, rugged coastline. There is much to discover such as hidden caves, natural pools, sand dunes, hiking trails, beaches and other beautiful hideaways that take an adventure to find. A perfect place to go for a run, take a hike or go for an adventurous bike ride!

Need a mountain bike? No problem! Rent one with Aruba Active Vacations and you’re set to go! If you are a bit unsure of exploring unknown territory no worries there are group tours available. You are sure to enjoy a ride with one of their professional tour guides. The tour starts at Fisherman’s Hut and heads to the California Lighthouse, where you can take pictures of the beautiful panorama. Then it continues and you will make your way to dirt roads of Aruba’s north shore.

Photo courtesy of Aruba Active Vacations

With the sparkling, tempting…clear turquoise waters how can you resist taking a dip?  Eagle Beach, one of the top-ranked beaches in the world, is the perfect place to take a swim!  With perfect water conditions, fewer crowds, and water sports than some of the other beaches, it is THE spot for swimming!

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Take advantage of Aruba’s perfect water and wind conditions.  Wind surfing or kite surfing with Aruba Active Vacations is an experience you do not want to miss out on!  It’s wild, extremely fun and after getting up from the water for the first time you are hooked and sure to come back for more!  There is no other place than to try it with than Aruba Active Vacations, they are the longest running kite boarding school in Aruba.  With their great experience and guidance you will be in the best hands.

Photo courtesy of Aruba Active Vacations

Or try one of the newest water sport sensations, paddle boarding. Requiring some real balance and coordination it is worth mastering! Look down on Aruba’s underwater life from above the water, experience true relaxation and achieve a serious workout while you’re at it! Another popular exercise activity on the water is SUP Yoga, yoga on the water. It takes place on an extra wide surfboard (stand up paddle board). A real unique activity that you will want to tell your friends all about after you’ve done it!

Perhaps balancing on a board on the water isn’t your thing, no worries! There are plenty of yoga sessions to be found on land, particularly beach side so you can take in the spectacular view. Experience true peace and zen while strengthening and toning your muscles. A number of resorts offer yoga classes, such as Holiday Inn Resort Aruba, Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, Aruba Marriott Resort & Casino, and more!

If you need a break from the sun don’t forget to check out your hotel or resort’s fitness center. We understand that on vacation you may not want to stick to your typical gym routine; many resorts provide fitness classes (including dance classes, such as Zumba) or refreshing aqua aerobics classes in the pool!

We hope to have inspired you to stay active, healthy and most of all have fun during your vacation in Aruba!  With so much to do and to discover on our “One Happy Island” we hope you manage to get up from your lounge chair on the beach every now and then, trust us, we understand that’s not so easy but we can promise you it’ll be worth it!

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