Reconnect With Nature in Aruba

Put that cellphone down, remove those headphones, take a look around…  inhale, exhale and take in the lovely sights and sounds of Aruba’s nature. There is so much natural beauty on the island to discover and immerse yourself in. If you’re planning a visit, check out our suggestions below!

Spend the night stargazing

While on vacation on our One Happy Island there is so much focus on beach days and fun under the sun (and rightfully so), but have you ever stopped to look up at the night sky and witness all of the starry magic up above? After dinner, before calling it a night, gather the family or that special someone, and head to a nearby quiet location (away from the hustle and bustle, don’t forget your phone with a flashlight), take a seat and gaze up above at the beautiful night sky. Pay close attention, you’re likely to see a shooting star, so don’t forget to make a wish! Some locations to try: the sand dunes near the California Lighthouse, a quiet spot on Eagle Beach, near the big Red Anchor in Sero Colorado, Arashi Beach, and plenty more!

Gone hiking in paradise

From relaxing walks on the beach to hiking the island’s natural trails, you have plenty of options and they all include breathtaking views! Go on a guided tour or take your adventurous partner in crime and get to stepping! We recommend the following hiking spots: Hooiberg, Alto Vista Chapel area and Arikok National Park.

You may want to start with Aruba’s National Park as it has endless hiking options! Step into the park and make your way to the rugged and beautiful North Coast! As you pass the beautiful green cacti, vegetation, rugged rock formations, herds of goats and approach the coast…you will see the dramatic, darker blue waters clash against the rocks, an impressive sight to see! With many trails and sights to discover there is plenty of hiking, slow-paced walking, and biking to be done here.

Want to visit the park? Learn how to purchase a pass so that you can explore our island’s beautiful flora and fauna.

Swimming in the sea

it’s time for some refreshing Caribbean blues! View the island from a different perspective and discover the extraordinary underwater life of Aruba! Grab your snorkel gear and visit one of the many beaches perfect for snorkeling, such as Malmok, Boca Catalina, Arashi, or Mangel Halto. It is said “Vitamin Sea” heals just about anything and we’d have to agree with that! So what are you waiting for? The inviting clear turquoise water is calling your name!

If you prefer a guide you can join one of the many snorkeling tours or catamaran cruises offered on the island (Some tours to consider Seabob Aruba, Tranquilo, Octopus Aruba, and Red Sail).

Outdoor picnic for two

Spending your day outdoors in the fresh air and soaking up some sunshine is always a great idea! Hit the nearest grocery store, stock up on your favorite food and drinks, pack your cooler, and head to the beach! There’s nothing like a quiet and relaxing picnic on the beach, try Boca Catalina, Arashi, Eagle Beach, or Mangel Halto. Too lazy to shop and eager to get to the beach? There are now local picnic companies you can order from that will deliver baskets with goodies to your desired location!

Get lost in the mangroves

Head South past the airport and make your way to Pos Chiquito, just before you reach the area of Savaneta, you will find the mangroves located at Mangel Halto beach (by the Spanish Lagoon). Mind you, this is not your typical white sand beach, rather, it is a lush and diverse area of land and water allowing for plenty of fun activities, and most of all, escaping the crowds and immersing yourself in nature! You can go snorkeling at the reef nearby, or choose to go kayaking or paddleboarding in the waterways of the mangroves. You will find it is the perfect place to get lost in nature and see a completely different side to Aruba!

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