Photo by Artmando Multimedia

Vibrant and Colorful Flora Found Blooming in Aruba

Main featured photo by: Artmando Multimedia (Armando Goedgedrag) Spring has sprung! Okay, well the truth is most colorful flora actually blooms year-round in Aruba, however, some flora species tend to bloom between Spring and Fall. Aruba’s flora is beautiful and diverse. With year-round sunshine, a tropical yet arid climate, and little rain, only plants that … Continue reading “Vibrant and Colorful Flora Found Blooming in Aruba”

Reconnect With Nature in Aruba

Put that cellphone down, remove those headphones, take a look around…  inhale, exhale and take in the lovely sights and sounds of Aruba’s nature. There is so much natural beauty on the island to discover and immerse yourself in. If you’re planning a visit, check out our suggestions below! Spend the night stargazing While on … Continue reading “Reconnect With Nature in Aruba”

Aruba’s Stabby Plants

Recently, in a popular, Arubacentric Social Media Group, a first-time tourist expressed a bit of dismay regarding their recent excursion to the island. Naturally, the complaint wasn’t about the island’s food – we’ve got some of the best restaurants you could hope to find on a rock in the Caribbean Sea. It also wasn’t about … Continue reading “Aruba’s Stabby Plants”

Photo by Divi & Tamarijn Aruba Inclusives

Meet the Animals That Live the Island Life in Aruba

Get to know some of Aruba’s beautiful beings that coexist with us here on the One Happy Island in this colorful photo blog! Can you guess which animals will be featured? Keep scrolling to discover the animals that live the island life in Aruba 😉 Loungin’ Lizards Photos by Aruba Birdlife Conservation, Arikok National Park … Continue reading “Meet the Animals That Live the Island Life in Aruba”