White Cane Day on Aruba!

October 15th is internationally recognized as ‘White Cane Day’, a day that has become both an annual celebration of the achievements of people with visual impairments, and a day to recognize the white cane as a tool of independence for the blind. There are references to blind people using a shepherd’s staff to help them … Continue reading “White Cane Day on Aruba!”

Photo courtesy of Juan Camilo

9 Reasons Why Aruba is the Happiest Island of Them All!

1. Sunshine is life Many studies have proven that sunlight boosts levels of serotonin, simply put: more sunlight means better moods! So bring on the sunshine! Luckily Aruba is blessed with perfect year-round weather, as the island falls just outside of the hurricane belt avoiding the most damaging tropical storms. Okay sure, every now and … Continue reading “9 Reasons Why Aruba is the Happiest Island of Them All!”