Vibrant Art of San Nicolas

A Glimpse of the Vibrant Street Art Found in San Nicolas, Aruba

Come witness for yourself why San Nicolas has quickly transformed into the street art capital of the Caribbean! Thanks to the vision of Tito Bolivar, the founder of ArtisA, and the many local and international artists, art influencers, and cultural activists, Aruba is now more colorful and vibrant than ever… making for the perfect destination … Continue reading “A Glimpse of the Vibrant Street Art Found in San Nicolas, Aruba”

Photo by Aruba Art Fair

Authentic Aruba: One Artistic Island

“The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds.” ~ Jawaharlal Nehru Aruba has always been a land dedicated to bold, bright, passionate, artistic expression. It’s such a beautiful place that inspiration can, literally, be found everywhere. From the brightly colored buildings that line the main street downtown, to the indescribable colors that … Continue reading “Authentic Aruba: One Artistic Island”

Photo by Paradera Park Apartments

Charming & Budget-friendly Small Resorts in Aruba | Part 2

Experience the real Aruba by staying in one of the many charming and unique small apartment resorts the island has to offer! Check out our list of recommended small resorts and don’t forget to check out Part 1 to get the full list! Pauline’s Apartments Modern, clean, spacious and private… Pauline’s Apartments offers everything you … Continue reading “Charming & Budget-friendly Small Resorts in Aruba | Part 2”