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Authentic Aruba Recipes

We will feature regularly a new recipe for a typical Aruban dish or delicacy. You can print out this page and start up your own Aruban recipe book! Find recipes by the experts on Aruban cuisine. 

List of recipes per category

  • Appetizers and Snacks
    Appetizers, snacks, and fritters . Very tasty and versatile selections can be served before the meal or after as a snack. Balchi Pisca, Pastechi, Bitterballen, Sanger Yena.
  • Soups
    Authentic Aruban soups are hearty and not to be taken lightly. They can be served as a main dish on their own with the famous pan bati and funchi. Sopi Mondongo, Stropi di Tamarijn, Cool Island Soup.
  • Main Dishes
    A fusion of African, Spanish, French, Dutch, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. These traditions were brought from the many homelands of this region's population. Carnival Calamari, Keri Keri, Curry Goat/Chicken, Keshi Yena.
  • Side Dishes
    Just replace the typical rice or potato with the Aruban typical side dish funchi or pan bati. Besides the popular funchi or pan bati you may find here recipes with some variation to the funchi and other combination you can use for your meal.
  • Desserts
    Sweets and pastries come in many forms, Cake, Cocada, Pan Dushi, Pudin di Coco, Kesio.
  • Sauces and Dressings
    Authentic recipes for seasonings, spices, marinades, sauces and herb mixes. Siboyo Tempera, Peanut Sauce.
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