Photo by Boardwalk Hotel Aruba

Best Insta-worthy Photo Op Locations in Aruba

Looking for some Insta-worthy pictures to take during your vacation in Aruba?

Check out our list of locations that are sure to be the perfect backdrop for your pictures in paradise! We’ve even accompanied these locations with some hashtags for inspiration!

Escape to Mangel Halto

#MangelHalto #StaircaseToParadise #Wanderlust

Snap a picture by one of Mangel Halto‘s unique set of stair cases…

Photo by the_best_travel_bl

Or head on over to the mangroves for a luscious green backdrop!

Photo by meggalycia

Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins

#Bushiribana #Ruins #NorthCoast

The ruins have several open window structures, providing the perfect picture frame for your photo! Let the wind blow through your hair and capture that wild essence of the North Coast!

Photo by Arine Gagnon

San Nicolas Street Art Murals

#SanNicolasAruba #OneArtisticIsland

San Nicolas, which is quickly becoming the artistic heart of Aruba, boasts some of the best street art you’ve ever seen… clearly too good to pass up for a photo op!

Photo by kelledstyle

Divi Tree at Eagle Beach

#EagleBeach #NoPlaceIdRatherBe #DiviTree

You may have seen this iconic tree once or twice when reading about one of the world’s top beaches, rated #3 by TripAdvisor… the one, the only – Eagle Beach!

Photo by bagscheckedin

Flamingo Beach of Renaissance Island

#RenaissanceIsland #FlamingoBeach #RenAruba

How could we leave off Renaissance Island‘s famous and internationally known pink friends?! That’s right, we couldn’t…

Photo by pinkgos

Can’t get to Renaissance Island? Snap a picture by Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant‘s fun and colorful flamingo decorated wall instead… and grab some delicious grub and a drink while you’re at it!

Photo by theslayover_

Red Anchor at Seroe Colorado

#SeroeColorado #RedAnchor

Located at the Southeast point of the island, this big red anchor is the perfect pit stop when heading to Baby Beach. Climb onto the anchor for a fun pose!

Photo by

Palm Tree Duo at Punta Brabo Beach

#PalmTrees #LoveAndPalmTrees

Located right by Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant, you will find a pair of palm trees standing tall calling your name for a picture!

Photo by anastasiya_mikl

Flower Backdrop at Hyatt Aruba Resort

#HyattAruba #FlowerGarden #Whimsical

Visit Hyatt Aruba Resort and find yourself among a vibrant, colorful and whimsical flower garden. The bright pops of color will give your photo a true magical touch!

Photo by thesweetestescapes

Natural Pool aka Conchi

#NaturalPool #Conchi #WildSide

Take yourself to the island’s North Coast (wild side) for a completely different feel than the hotel and beach area. Make your way down to the Natural Pool and you will see why it is worth the trip!

Photo by gettingstamped

The Hammock at Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusives

#Divi #Tamarijn #HammockLife

Swaying in a hammock, feeling the warm breeze on your skin and listening to the sound of the calming sea behind you… can you think of anything better? Neither can we! So plop yourself down on that hammock and strike your best pose.

Photo by rad_maine

Onboard a Sailboat

#Sailboat #CaribbeanBlues #ImOnABoat

Climb aboard a sailboat (there are many to choose from in Aruba) and sprawl out on the bow net for a mesmerizing shot surrounded by nothing but Caribbean blues.

Photo by everchanginghorizon

Caribbean Sea

#CaribbeanSea #BeachMoreWorryLess #SaltLife

If you’re pictures aren’t turning out as planned or you don’t have much time to travel around the island, you can always rely on the mesmerizing and breathtaking Caribbean Sea for the perfect backdrop! Oh, and it’s always easy to get to when you’re in Aruba!

Photo by zanetteantoinette

Aruba’s Sunset

#Sunset #ArubaSunset #MagicInTheSky

Trust me, it’s pure magic in the sky, EVERY time. Aruba’s sunsets never disappoint. If you can manage to capture it for the gram you will have one dreamy¬† picture, making your followers wish they were there! Check the sunset times here!

Photo by thetravelvibe

I Love Aruba Sign

#IloveAruba #OneHappyIsland #Aruba

Long live the “I Love Aruba” sign! Okay, so this may seem like the ultimate cliche tourist picture to take, but by the end of your trip you will be SO in love with Aruba that you can’t resist!

Photo by mari_teach

Not sure how to get to some of these places?

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