Photo by Artmando Multimedia

Vibrant and Colorful Flora Found Blooming in Aruba

Main featured photo by: Artmando Multimedia (Armando Goedgedrag)

Spring has sprung! Okay, well the truth is most colorful flora actually blooms year-round in Aruba, however, some flora species tend to bloom between Spring and Fall.

Aruba’s flora is beautiful and diverse. With year-round sunshine, a tropical yet arid climate, and little rain, only plants that can survive with a minimal amount of water thrive on the island.

If you’re a nature lover and want to absorb as much of Aruba’s unique beauty as possible, we suggest spending a day hiking in Aruba’s National Park. There are plenty of trails, flora, fauna, caves, and bocas to explore. If you have any questions or are looking for some tips stop by the Visitor’s Center to speak with one of the park rangers, they are full of helpful information!

Let’s take a look at some of the unique, vibrant and tropical (or should we say desert-like) flora you can find blooming on our happy little island:

The following selection of flora is a combination of three different categories: endemic (those flowers and plants found only in Aruba, brought to the island by natural means), native (those species found in Aruba but also found in other places of the world) and introduced (those flower and plant species brought to Aruba by people).

Please note scientific plant and flower names are not included in this list, we recommend referring to Aruba Flora & Fauna or Aruba National Park for this information.

Aloe Vera
Photo by Aruba Paradise Photos
Calliandra (also known as the Powder Puff Tree)
Photo by Aruba Wildlife Photography
Photo by Aruba National Park
Photo by Aruba National Park
Summer Tulip
Photo by Aruba Flora & Fauna


Photo by Aruba Flora & Fauna

Passion Flower

Photo by Artmando Multimedia
Yellow Hubada Flower
Photo by Artmando Mulitmedia
Photo by Paradera Park
Photo by Aruba Flora & Fauna
Photo by Aruba Flora and Fauna
Photo by Aruba Flora & Fauna
Tuna Cactus
Photo by Artmando Multimedia
Flor di Sanger
Photo by Aruba National Park
Photo by Aruba Flora & Fauna
And lastly, we will say goodbye to you with Aruba’s National Flower, the Wanglo.
Photo by Artmando Multimedia
Photo by Aruba National Park

Tip: It should go without saying to admire all nature from afar, however, in case you are tempted to touch, let us remind you not to. You can look at this beauty close up however if you come in contact you’ll be in for a painful, prickly surprise!

Please explore our island responsibly and do your part to help protect and preserve all of the surrounding nature and wildlife.

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