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Why Aruba is the Hottest Destination in the Caribbean for Music Festivals

The Island

Aruba, the “One Happy Island” is known by MANY as the happiest island in the Caribbean giving you the PERFECT vibes and atmosphere for a music festival you will never forget!

In addition to the happy island vibes the weather is pretty darn happy as well!

(Photo courtesy of Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino)

Picture dancing the day and night away on white sand beaches, soaking up the warm sunshine, enjoying clear blue skies, and a constant breeze to cool you off.

Aruba is sunny YEAR-ROUND, leaving a very, VERY slight chance of rain to interfere with any of your fun-festival-festivities.

(Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort Aruba)

Constant happy vibes and gorgeous weather is not the only thing that make Aruba such an appealing destination – traveling to Aruba is now easier and more convenient than ever before!

Each year a handful of new flights from different US destinations are being added, as well as new flights from South America, other Caribbean islands and The Netherlands! Depending on where you are coming from you can find many flights to Aruba that are either non-stop or require just one stop before you arrive in ‘dushi’ Aruba!

All Genres

Aruba does not discriminate and represents ALL music genres. Each year the island offers music festivals for everyone’s taste, including House, Techno, Underground, R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Reggaeton, Jazz, and more!

The Full Experience

A music festival in Aruba is not your typical day or weekend of music concerts. Most festivals last up to almost a full week including performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry, non-stop parties and events.

Each day you will find beach and pool parties to choose from… and when the sun goes down it’s time to hit the streets to enjoy Aruba’s hot nightlife scene. Whether it’s a block party or one of the many nightclub parties you are promised a good time!

Pool party at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino  (Photo courtesy of Electric Festival)

To top it off each festival usually partners with different local Aruba resorts, transportation companies and even restaurants to ensure a seamless music festival experience!

Aruba Music Festivals to Check Out:

Soul Beach Music Festival

R&B, Soul, Hip Hop

(Photo courtesy of Soul Beach Music Festival)

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Summer Music Festival

Latin, Caribbean and Reggaeton

(Photo courtesy of Aruba Summer Music Festival)

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Electric Festival

House, EDM, Techno, Underground and DJ’s mixing in other music genres

(Photo courtesy of Electric Festival)

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Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

Jazz, Blues and R&B

(Photo courtesy of Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival)

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Love Festival

House, Caribbean, Techno, Underground, and DJ’s mixing in other music genres

(Photo courtesy of Love Festival)

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Flip Flop Festival

Reggae, Reggaeton, Caribbean, and Hip Hop

(Photo courtesy of Flip Flop Festival)

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Just when you think all the fun is over for the year the biggest and longest “festival” of them all begins… Carnival!

Not familiar with what Carnival in Aruba?

Check out our blog to discover what the island’s favorite time of year is all about!

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