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A Glimpse of Aruba’s Carnival 64!

Were you sadly not in Aruba to take part in the island’s most COLORFUL, GRAND AFFAIR of the year?

Or perhaps you were lucky enough to partake in the festivities yet are already going through Carnival withdrawal?

That’s okay! Just remember, there’s always next year!

In the meantime to help bring you those infectious, happy and colorful Carnival vibes, take a peek at the moments our VisitAruba Team was able to capture LIVE at the parades of Aruba Carnival 64!

Lighting Parade Oranjestad

Grand Parade San Nicolas

Grand Parade Oranjestad

This is just a small highlight of Aruba’s Carnival parades, view our Carnival page on VisitAruba to view the FULL program.
(The 2019 Carnival schedule will be published as soon as it is released)

To better understand what the hype is all about and why Carnival is so important to the people of Aruba check out our Discover Carnival in Aruba blog!

Next up Aruba’s Carnival 65 – Be sure to mark your calendars and keep a look out for our visitaruba crew – we’ll be snapping pics!