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Hold Onto Summer With These 7 Aruba Cocktails

For those of you that don’t live in a year-round, warm, and sunny location like Aruba, we realize how important and highly anticipated summertime is, making it very difficult to say goodbye to when the time comes.

Do you want to hang onto the warm sunshine, the sound of the waves crashing ashore, and palm trees swaying in the warm island breeze? If you can’t manage to take a vacation anytime soon you will need to find some other sort of escape to maintain that summer feel and we are here to help!

We could all do with a little more tropical flavor in our lives, don’t you think? That’s why we’ve rounded up seven cocktails found in Aruba to bring back the taste of summer for you to enjoy all year long!

Important notice: No plastic straws were used or endangered the environment while creating this blog. Plastic straws and single-use plastics are banned in Aruba.

1. Aruba Ariba
Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Known as one of the island’s most popular concoctions and often served as a welcome drink, is the Aruba Ariba. It is a mix of vodka, 151 rum (or your rum of choice), Coecoei liquor (only found in Aruba, so sadly you will need to find a comparable replacement), crème de banana, orange juice, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and a splash of grenadine over ice.

Enjoy this tropical delight with us by joining in on our “Virtual Happy Hour”!

Fun fact: The Coecoei liquor derives from the sap of local agave plants. The sap is mixed with rum and sugar to create this special liquor which is only found in Aruba.

When in doubt go for the Aruba Ariba – you will not be disappointed. Just remember underneath the sweet, fruity flavors lies quite the hefty mix of liquors that will get you “Aruba happy” in no time! Next time you’re on the island try one at your favorite beach bar or resort

2. Summer Love
Photo by Pelican’s Nest Seafood & Grill 

Pelican Pier’s Summer Love will not leave you heartbroken, we promise!

There is no better way to enjoy your day than sipping a frozen Summer Love with your bestie or SO, at the lively Pelican Pier Bar in Palm Beach while gazing at the crystal clear blue waters, dancing to the music, and mingling with all of the happy vacationers and locals.

Sadly, as we know, it is not always possible to be at your favorite beach bar so to bring back your “One Happy Island” memories try making your very own Summer Love at home!

You will need a blender and to mix the following with ice: tequila, triple sec, vodka, mango, and passion fruit. Since it may be hard to get your hands on an Amstel Bright try replacing it with a different light-styled beer. Don’t forget to invite a friend over, as it is rather large and is meant for sharing! After all, sharing is caring…

3. Slippery Monkey

This frozen delight will spark happy summer vacation vibes in no time!

Beware, Slippery Monkeys taste so good you will forget you’re consuming alcohol! Consider it an adult milkshake and go ahead and treat yourself.

There are several different variations of this frozen delight, so mix as you please. Here are the basic set of ingredients: vodka, coconut rum, coffee liqueur (or Kahlua), 1 medium banana (peeled) or banana liqueur blended with ice. Pro Tip: Swirl in chocolate syrup to add to this heavenly goodness! Get the recipe.

Join our “Virtual Happy Hour” to see how we like to whip up this frozen delight!

4. Piña Colada
Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

As the beach and a Piña Colada go hand in hand, try one at Matthew’s Beachside Restaurant next time you’re in Aruba!

You can find this tropical frozen goodness just about anywhere however it won’t taste nearly as good as the one consumed in Aruba… on the beach (duh). Piña Coladas are simply a summer staple! As soon as you take your first sip you will find those summer vibes rushing back to you instantly.

This frozen cocktail is full of ripe pineapple and rich creamy coconut flavor, followed by a good, strong hit of rum. Want to add a little Caribbean blue to your piña? Add a dash of Blue Curacao! You will find there are many different variations of a Piña Colada. The typical ingredients include: diced pineapple, pineapple juice, coconut cream, white rum, and dark rum all blended with ice.

5. Monkey Juice
Photo by Rum’s Reef Cocktail Bar & Grill (Monkey Drink on right)

Monkey Juice, also known as a Drunken Monkey cocktail is a Caribbean staple! This magical mixture is filled with tropical flavors and packs quite the punch, so be warned!

Traveling to Rum’s Reef by Baby Beach is well worth the trip to get your hands on one of these frozen rum-filled delights! Not to mention… the view is impeccable! Have you experienced their new infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea? Let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than that!

The ingredients of Monkey Juice usually vary depending on which Caribbean island you are on, but they most all include orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut rum, spiced rum, bitters, fresh ground nutmeg, lime slices, and fresh pineapple wedges!

PS – For Rum’s Reef exact recipe you will need to ask the bartender or owner, with hopes of them sharing their magic touch!

6. Sangria
Photo courtesy of El Gaucho Restaurant Aruba

Find some of the BEST homemade Sangria on the island at El Gaucho Restaurant located in downtown Oranjestad!

For those of you not quite in the mood for a cocktail but still want something refreshing that hits the spot – mix up a pitcher of Sangria! Sangria can be enjoyed day or night…on the beach or at dinner, it’s delightful, refreshing, some even say a bit healthy (if you eat all of the fruit).

There are way too many variations of Sangria to name but you will find the basic ingredients consist of: fruit (such as lemon, orange, apples, etc.), 1 bottle of dry red wine (or white wine), brandy (or rum), white sugar, orange juice, and sparkling soda water or ginger ale served over ice.

7. Turtuga
Photo by Pelican’s Nest Seafood & Grill

We’ll round up our cocktail list with perhaps the most tropical cocktail yet, the Turtuga! While turtuga means turtle in Papiamento, there’s nothing slow about this Turtuga, it includes a combination of aged rum, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, bitters & guava puree, a must-try Caribbean delight found at Pelican Pier!

Now, remember, endless summer vibes are just an Aruba cocktail away! We understand you may much rather be here on our happy little island, but if that’s not possible for you right now, don’t fret, a good tropical cocktail will instantly transport you to Aruba’s warm sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters in no time!

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