Photo by Holiday Inn Resort Aruba

Aruba’s New Plastic Ban Ordinance Goes Into Effect

Aruba’s new Plastic Ban Ordinance is effective as of today, July 1st, 2020. This ban was first announced in November of 2019. Now that the ban is officially in effect, this means all import, sale, and production of any single-use plastics or Oxybenzone will be penalized.

The following products are now prohibited: Single-use plastic bags with any type of handle; single-use plastic bags in supermarkets to pack fruit & vegetables; single-use plastic/styrofoam cutlery, cups & plates; single-use plastic staws & stirrers; single-use plastic/styrofoam containers used for immediate consumption (such as for fast food or food trucks); releasing plastic confetti & balloons into the sky; and sunscreen that includes the ingredient Oxybenzone.

The following products are currently exempt from this ban: Single-use plastic straws for medical use; single-use plastic/styrofoam trays for cold cuts and raw meats; saran wrap; plastic/styrofoam/biodegradable lids for containers/cups; and plastic food packages used for prepackaging products by local food manufacture for wholesale.

For more information on this ban refer to Impact Blue and AHATA Environmental Committee.

Featured photo by Holiday Inn Resort Aruba