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Frequently Asked Questions

Do US cell phones work in Aruba?

US cellphones will work in Aruba. However please keep in mind that if you retain your own US SIM card you may incur considerable roaming fees from your US cellphone company, you should call to see if they offer coverage in Aruba and what it would cost. Consider renting a cell phone or SIM card to use with your own cellphone if your cellphone company does not offer coverage in Aruba. Please also keep in mind that the voltage in Aruba can be as high as 127 volts, so you would need to make sure that your charger can handle this voltage. There are no area codes in Aruba, so just dial the phone number directly without any prefixes. To call the United States from Aruba dial "00" (international prefix to dial outside of Aruba), then dial "1" (international code for the U.S.). and then the area code and phone number you wish to connect to.

More information on Aruba's telecommunication here.

How can I get a road map of Aruba?

If you want to come prepared with a physical Aruba map on hand so that you can explore the island as much as possible during your stay, we suggest obtaining the following Aruba map. You can also view a road map on our Road Map page.

In addition, we also have an Aruba hotel map highlighting all Aruba hotels and resorts, an Aruba beach map, an Aruba ATM map, and an Aruba diving map.

Where can I request Aruba brochures?

You can request brochures via our contact form.

How is Aruba's weather?

Aruba weather is tropical but not extreme, with a median temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius). Rainfall averages about eighteen inches a year, with October, November, December and January accounting for most of it. Rain tends to be erratic and come in short-lived showers. It is important to mention that Aruba lies south of the general hurricane paths and usually only experiences fringe effects of nearby tropical weather. See current Aruba weather or learn more about the climate and weather of Aruba.

What are the dates of high season and low season?

Aruba's high season is between December 15th and April 14th and the low season is from April 15th to December 14th.

What is the Aruba currency?

The currency of Aruba is the florin, denoted by the letters 'Afl.' , divided into 100 cents. It is also referred to as the guilder denoted by the letters 'Awg.' The rate of exchange with the US dollar is Afls 1.77 for cash and Afls. 1.79 for checks. Traveler's checks are widely accepted.

What is the Aruba language?

The mother-tongue of Aruba is Papiamento. It is a language evolved from several older languages as most languages today have done. Being part of the kingdom of the Netherlands means that Dutch is an official language and widely spoken, with Papiamento being the commonly used language among locals. Please see our Aruba language page for more information.

What time zone is Aruba in?

Aruba's Time zone is GMT -04:00 (Caracas, La Paz) without daylight savings. Florida is GMT -05:00 so that would make Florida 1 hour behind our time, depending on daylight savings in your zone.

Where is Aruba?

Aruba is in the southern Caribbean, located about 17 miles north of Venezuela. Non-stop flight time to Aruba is about 2.5 hours from Miami, 3.5 hours from Atlanta, 4.5 hours from New York City. Please see our 'Where is Aruba?' page for more information.

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