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Communication & WIFI

Aruba has a modern telecommunications network. Long distance calls can be placed from any telephone or from SETAR (Aruba's Telecommunications organization) locations around Aruba. Cellular phone rental is also available.

The international dialing code for Aruba is 297. Area codes do not exist in Aruba, all numbers start with 5 except for cellular telephone numbers which start with 9, 7, 6 or 5.

Postal Rates

Aruba has its own postage stamps since 1986.
International post letter - Afls 2.20 or USD $1.25 for the first 10 grams
International post cards - Afls 1.35 or USD $0.78

Cellular Roaming

International Roaming is the service that allows you to make and receive calls and to send and receive data on your own mobile phone using your own cellphone number while traveling abroad. Before you leave check with your mobile provider whether they have a roaming agreement with Setar or Digicel who are the mobile operators in Aruba, and what their roaming fees are.

When making a call you always have to dial +, the country code, area code if applicable and the phone number.

  • To call Aruba dial +297 (phone number)
  • To call the United States dial +1 (area code and phone number)
  • To call the Netherlands dial +31 (area code and phone number)

Roaming fees can be quite high, especially for data transfer, so it's good to check this beforehand to avoid any surprises. If you would not like to receive emails, social media updates or any other notifications during your vacation abroad, you need to make sure to disable this on your phone. Please also remember that some applications remain open and continuously download data even when you are not using the application at that time. Before travelling make sure to close all data sessions and make sure that the data roaming is turned off.

Cell phone Rentals

There are a number of companies that specialize in cell phone rental in Aruba and they make it very easy. In fact, many providers will bring the phone to your hotel on the day you arrive. It doesn't matter if you book online in advance or if you call from your hotel after arriving in Aruba.

Contracts range from one day to one month, and rental cell phones are almost always pre-paid. Accessories like headsets and waterproof carrying cases (which come in handy here in Aruba) are available with a cell phone rental.

Many carriers offer very inexpensive or free call forwarding so you could forward calls to your temporary Aruba number. Make sure to contact your home cell phone company for more information.

Some companies that offer cell phone rental are: Setar, Aruba Discount Cell, Discount Cell Aruba, 

Cellular SIM Cards

Aruba has both 3G and 4G cellular networks. Prepaid SIM cards offer you the benefits of using your own phone at local rates. Simply replace your SIM card with a prepaid Aruba SIM card and you will be set to make phone calls and send sms messages, without paying excessively high roaming costs. Please note that your Aruba SIM Card will require a SIM-unlocked 900/1900 MHz compatible international cell phone.

SIM cards cost about US$20, do not require a contract and can be bought at all Setar and Digicel teleshops. Both Setar and Digicel have a booth in the arrival hall at the airport. Micro SIM cards are also available for devices such as the iPhone and cost about US $22.50

Prepaid cards are available in the amounts Afl. 5.-, Afl. 10,-, Afl. 15,-, Afl. 25,-, Afl. 35,- and Afl. 50,-. You can buy prepaid cards at almost all supermarkets, gas stations, bars, restaurants and in the Setar and Digicel teleshops.

Prepaid data packages can be bought separately and can be used in combination with the Aruba SIM card. Prepaid data packages do not require a contract and can be purchased for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.

Whether you have a tablet, a laptop or a mobile phone there are 4G Wireless Broadband Prepaid plans available with coverage all over the island. You will also have the option to switch from 4G to Wi-Fi when you are on a Wi-Fi Hotspot. You can buy a SIM card, a 4G dongle or a Micro SIM for the iPad at one of the Teleshops and the Airport- and Cruise Terminal Kiosk where you can also buy 4G Prepaid cards with Wi-Fi.

Public Telephone Booths

There are several Public Phone Booths available in more than 100 locations on the island. All calls via the Setar Public Phones are prepaid and are card- and/or coin-operated. Public Phone cards are available at the Airport or Cruise Terminal Booth. 

Credit Card Calling

This service is available at specific Public Phone Booths and a public phone card is not necessary. To use this service dial 188 on the public phone and a international operator will assist you further.


Some resorts, restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi access to their guests; however in some resorts the free access is limited to public areas.

With Wi-Fi Aruba you can get high-speed wireless internet access on your laptop, tablet or smartphone at several hotspots on the island, including restaurants, resorts, bars and even on the beach. You can access the Wi-Fi Aruba service using a Wi-Fi prepaid card or your Credit Card. Prepaid cards are sold at Hotspots locations and Setar teleshops. Please note to save your prepaid card as the access code on the card need to be used to login again.

For more information or assistance please feel free to contact Wi-Fi Aurba at 583-4000 or at

Wi-Fi Rates

One Hour 1 x 60 minutes continuously $ 5,-
One Day 1 x 24 hours continuously $ 10,-
One Week 7 x 24 hours continuously $ 35,-
One Month 30 x 24 hours continuously $ 70,-

Wi-Fi Aruba Hotspots

Many resorts, restaurants and bars offer free Wi-Fi access to their guests. There are also certain areas on the island that offer free Wi-Fi for public use. Click here for a partial list of where to find free Wi-Fi areas.

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