Aruba’s High-rise & Low-rise Hotels

If you have decided to visit Aruba, congratulations! Now it’s time to move on to the next step of planning your trip: choosing a place to stay. With over 900 places to choose from, evaluating your choices might be difficult at first. No worries, VisitAruba is here to help!

Beachfront hotels and resorts are the most widely known accommodation type on the island. In this blog post we will introduce the High-Rise and Low-Rise hotels, the two most popular beachfront resort locations in Aruba. The names already give away the difference between the two types. High-rise resorts have a tower-like structure with many floors, whereas low-rise resorts have fewer floors and more spread out properties.

High-rise Hotels & Resorts

The high-rise hotels are mainly located on Palm Beach, Aruba’s most popular beach. Palm Beach is a popular tourist hangout. With several hotels right next to each other, you will surely have the chance to interact with other visitors. You can expect the beachfront to be filled with palapas, piers, bars and restaurants, water sports, and music. Walking along Palm Beach alone will surely provide you with plenty of entertainment for the day.

Across the street from the hotels, away from the beach, you will find a lively strip filled with more restaurants and bars, stores, and shopping malls. Paseo Herencia Mall, and Palm Beach plaza mall are within walking distance to satisfy your shopping needs. Palm Beach area is also known for its bustling nightlife, featuring a variety of restaurants, clubs, and bars.

The major advantage of staying at the high-rise hotels is having a great variety of dining and entertainment options within walking distance.  If you want to reside at the heart of Aruba’s busy touristic town, you will want to stay at one of the high-rise hotels.

Low-rise Hotels & Resorts

A little less crowded and more private, the low-rise hotels offer all the same amenities as the high-rise hotels, but with a more laid back atmosphere. Low-rise resorts near Eagle Beach are usually quieter than resorts at Palm Beach. This also makes Eagle Beach the perfect beach to read a book, take a leisurely walk, or take a yoga class!

The low-rise hotels are popular amongst honeymooners, and people looking to stay away from the crowds and relax. Voted as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Eagle Beach features miles of powdery white sand and crystalline, blue waters. Eagle Beach is also home to Aruba’s most famous divi tree, one of the most photographed locations on the island.

In addition to the beach’s natural beauty, there are a variety of restaurants, and a convenient selection of watersports available. If you’re looking for a hotel or resort on the beach, but want a more relaxing and quiet atmosphere, the low-rise hotels are a sure to be a safe bet.

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Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind, party all day and night, or a combination of both, Aruba’s high-rise and low-rise hotels offer something for everyone. Now that you have an understanding of each location, you can browse accommodations on Book your beachfront hotel, and take the next step towards planning your dream vacation on the happy island!