Photo by Hyatt Aruba Regency Resort & Casino

Tips on How to Vacation Safely in Aruba

Now that our borders have reopened to our visitors, we welcome you with open arms! Okay, well not entirely with open arms, as our island is practicing safe social distancing. Consider it more of a “bon bini from afar with our masks on” kind of welcome! Hey, after all, it’s the “new normal”!

We are proud and happy to report, our island has taken a quick, safe and effective response to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19. Interested in seeing what precautions Aruba has taken and is currently taking? Discover Aruba’s Health and Happiness Code as well as our island’s new travel and entry requirements.

Here are some tips and things to keep in mind while preparing for your vacation to Aruba:

  1. We realize Aruba’s current travel and entry requirements (specifically testing requirements) may be more of a challenge to meet for some of our visitors than others, however, please know, our local Government has put these regulations and protocols in place to ensure a safe vacation experience for all of our visitors, as well as a safe day to day life for our locals! At the end of the day, our island has everyone’s safety in mind! PS as per November 1, 2020 entry requirements (particularly testing) have been adjusted for our US visitors. Also, exciting news, on December 1, 2020 our border will open to South American and Central American visitors!
  2. As mandated by the Aruba Airport Authority and the Government of Aruba, it is required for visitors 15 yrs and older to wear a mask during your flight to Aruba, at the Aruba Airport, and until you enter your room at your booked accommodation.  As of late, masks are required to be worn when using public transportation (for ex: taxi or bus) and when visiting any indoor establishments. If you are not able to social distance yourself (maintaining 1.5 meters distance between you and others) it is highly recommended to wear a mask if you are able and willing to do so. The worldwide Marriott hotel chain, for example, is requiring guests to wear masks in common areas of their resorts.
  3. Always remember to social distance yourself. We know vacation is a time of fun and relaxation. Just please remember during all of that fun (and especially when you have had a piña colada or two) to keep an appropriate distance from other vacation goers and locals. We know this can be challenging at times but we must all try our best! It’s a good thing Aruba’s weather is perfect year-round, you will find yourself outdoors a lot, allowing for easier distancing from others!
  4. Carry hand sanitizer in your purse or pocket throughout your stay. It is good to know all restaurants, resorts, stores, and other public places have placed hand sanitizer dispensers for your convenience and use. So if you forget yours, or run out, you will be able to find some just about wherever you go!
  5. Outdoor dining is a great idea! Resorting to open-air restaurants and venues is one of the best ways to ensure a healthy and happy vacation experience for you, your family, and friends. We realize there are plenty of other amazing restaurants that happen to be indoors, so if you want to dine at one, you will be happy to know establishments have taken every measure to allow for a safe environment for customers and employees. Dining tables have been reduced, are seated with 4 persons maximum, and are properly spaced out at a safe distance. There are arrows & signs guiding you so that all customers walk in the right direction allowing for an orderly flow, and tables, menus & the entire restaurant are constantly being cleaned! All you need to do is look out for their displayed Health & Happiness Certification Seal and you know you’re at a safe establishment!
  6. Avoid crowded places and venues. While our island has done a great job of enforcing social distancing and limiting crowd sizes, it is up to you to determine your own safety and health at the end of the day.
  7. Book plenty of outdoor tours (tour group sizes are limited and protocols are set in place) and activities. Here are some off the beaten path places to go and things to do! Don’t want to join a guided tour? Rent a car or jeep for the day and head out to discover all of the island’s beauty.  Go visit a secluded beach on the wild coast or discover hidden gems of the island, such as the small natural pool! Make sure you add these landmarks to your “must-visit list”!

We hope this helps you out when it comes time for you to prepare for your trip to our happy and sunny little island in the Caribbean!

PS – If you are still looking to add things to do to your Aruba vacation itinerary, visit our website and we’ll help you perfect your vacation experience in no time!