Photo by Divi & Tamarijn All Inclusives

How to Best Practice Social Distancing, Island Style

Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to look after your own and others’ wellbeing, stay healthy and continue to social distance yourself as best as possible!

We understand social distancing can be challenging at times and therefore would like to share some tips with you and encourage you to always keep your “happy Aruba thoughts” during this time!

Be mindful and take precaution while grocery shopping

During this time, many of us are only able to travel to essential places, such as supermarkets to purchase our day to day necessities. It’s very important everyone does their part and follows safety precautions and regulations set in place at their local supermarket for everyone’s wellbeing.

Here in Aruba many precautions and new protocols have been set in place, for example: Ling & Sons Food Market is asking that only one family/household member comes to do the shopping and leaves their little ones at home. Once customers arrive at the entrance they have temperature readings with an infrared thermometer and hand sanitizer available. All of their employees are taking the necessary steps to keep the store clean and safe for their customers, as per the DVG suggested hygiene practices.

For those part of the “at risk” group (seniors 60+ years, ill persons and those that are pregnant) Ling & Sons is offering a delivery service. All customers have to do is place their order via telephone or email, how convenient!

In addition, they are also offering a special discount for all of the selfless healthcare workers here in Aruba and thanking them for their service.

PS – If you are in Aruba and not able to leave your house or prefer not to take the risk, check out this list of services that allow you to order from home and deliver straight to your door!

Craving food from your favorite restaurant?

Order delivery and support your local restaurant businesses! Think of your favorite nearby food digs that makes your tummy happy, give them a call and voila.. they will provide you with some much needed comfort in the convenience of your own home!

Currently here in Aruba, many establishments are working extremely hard to stay afloat and to provide delicious meals to the local community. So please, let this be a reminder, wherever you are in the world, remember to support your local restaurants and businesses whenever and however you can!

Discover restaurants in Aruba that are offering take-out and/or delivery services.

Don’t forget to socialize – digitally!

Now is not the time to invite your friends and family over for dinner or to gather on the beach for a hangout session. This may be extra challenging for some (and for us introverts not so much) but this does not mean we cannot still stay in touch and socialize, as we humans need to do from time to time to stay sane! There are many other (digital) ways to stay connected, such as the following video call apps: FaceTime, House Party, Skype, and Zoom. Chat with your bestie face to face or set up a video group chat with the whole squad for some much needed laughs and entertainment!

Get some fresh air and sunshine

We may be quarantined or ordered to stay home at this moment in time but that does not mean you should remain indoors 24/7! Being an island girl at heart, I can assure you that sunshine gives you life! Sunlight and fresh air is SO important, especially at times like these. Many studies have proven that sunlight boosts levels of serotonin, simply put: more sunlight means better moods. So, don’t forget to step outside on a daily basis, if you can!

Stay clean

With everything going on this may seem rather obvious but you’d be surprised how often it can slip one’s mind! After coming home from any public place do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands (for a minimum of 20 seconds, sorry if you’re tired of hearing that) and to disinfect any gear you may have brought along (e.g. shoes, bags, purses, etc.). It is also encouraged to wipe down any purchased items from the grocery store. Yes, we’re all becoming germophobes at this point and that’s okay!

Make use of your time at home

This is the time to clean and de-clutter your space, organize your belongings, give your garden some TLC, put that apron on and cook, get creative with at-home projects, and make your space more enjoyable, after all… you will be spending most of your time there! Need some inspiration? Browse Pinterest, you are sure to find endless and creative ideas!

PS – For some motivation, treat yourself with a mini Netflix binge session after you’ve completed your task, project or cleaning! Very Important: Do not forget your snack!

Get some exercise in 

Now is the time to pull up all those at-home workouts you’ve been saving on Instagram or Facebook and try them out! Grab your mat, head outside to your yard or living room and get your sweat on! I promise you will thank yourself afterwards. It’s a true mood and energy booster!

Stay connected to Aruba’s happy vibes!

Trust us, we are just as sad as you are that you cannot be here on our little sunny and happy island! Although many of you have had to postpone your travel to Aruba this does not mean we cannot bring a little Aruba to you!

Here are some ideas to help keep you connected to the island and its happy vibes:

Working from home? Change your desktop wallpaper or Zoom background to a beautiful Aruba backdrop. PS – It’s free!

Print and hang some of your Aruba pictures from your past visits up on your walls, it is sure to brighten up your home and mood!

Put on your favorite island jams, this will instantly teleport you to our white sand beaches, beach bars or Aruba’s Carnival season! Think Soca, Steel Band, Reggae, etc. This is truly a mood game-changer!

Want to take this mood to the next level? Make your favorite tropical cocktail (or virgin cocktail) to get a true taste of the island you are missing so much! Aruba Ariba or Piña Colada anyone? If these drinks are (mentally) taking you to Aruba’s dreamy beaches, you may be thinking, “Hey but what about my tan (or rather, lack thereof)?”.  Sure, you may not be able to physically access Aruba’s beaches for that bronzed look you want, but have no fear, there are other options! Try a self-tanner lotion and get that Aruba vacation tan in no time!

Lastly, be sure to follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) and check out our website and blog for plenty of Aruba content and updates!

Good luck, stay well, be mindful, and remember to make this social distancing thing as fun and positive as possible… we are all in this together!

Photo credit: Divi & Tamarijn Aruba All Inclusives