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Aruba Visitors Insurance - COVID-19 Travel Insurance

This information is valid as of August 1, 2021 to date.

AS OF AUGUST 1 2021, insurance premiums are a flat rate of $15 per person for persons aged 15 years and older. Persons aged 0-14 are free of charge.

Who needs to purchase the insurance?

This insurance is mandatory for all foreign nationals with the exception of visitors who arrive and leave the same day, Crew Members, Aruban students who return to Aruba and transit/transfer passengers who don't need to recheck their luggage. 

How do I purchase the insurance?

The Aruba Visitors Insurance must be purchased at in advance of travel as part of the online ED Card process.

I already have my own insurance - do I still need Aruba's?

One’s own travel insurance can be supplementary to the Aruba Visitors Insurance but cannot replace it. The Aruba Visitor's Insurance is mandatory for entry. 

Coverage Offered

The Aruba Visitors Insurance helps protect visitors against incurred medical and non-medical expenses if testing positive for COVID-19 during their stay in Aruba. It offers coverage for the following costs:

Hospital costs: Hospitalization expenses to treat severe COVID-19 symptoms, including specialist fees, diagnostic X-rays, lab expenses, and nursing costs.

Intensive care unit costs: Intensive care unit charges for treatment of a critical ailment caused by COVID-19.

Transportation costs: For transportation of a COVID-19 infected person, up to an aggregate sublimit of US$350

Doctor consultations costs: Costs of doctor consultations, up to an aggregate sublimit of US$500.

Isolation costs: Maximum sublimit of US$125 per day, maximum 14 days, in case of a positive COVID-19 test result. Preventive government mandated quarantines for fellow travelers and those who tested negative are not covered.

COVID-19 testing costs: Maximum of 4 medically necessary COVID-19 tests as an outpatient, with a sublimit of US$75 per test. Tests are only covered with referral from the Aruba Government Health Department (DVG). Both the mandatory first test upon arrival in Aruba and the mandatory test required by other countries prior to leaving Aruba are excluded. 

The total coverage per insured including all the above is not to exceed US$75,000.

Aruba Visitors Insurance Premiums

Premiums are per person and depend on one’s age. The premium must be paid every time a visitor re-enters Aruba.

Premiums for children aged 0-14

Free of charge up to a a maximum of 180 days

Premiums for persons aged 15 and older

The premium is a flat rate of US$15 per stay up to a a maximum of 180 days


The premium is non-refundable, unless a duplicate purchase was made or if a visitor cancelled their trip to Aruba. 

Follow our news section for updates on the COVID-19 situation in Aruba


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