Let’s Go Virtual Beach Hopping in Aruba

Beach hopping in the Caribbean are what dreams are made of! Sunshine, sandy toes and warm turquoise water… mmm, yes… we’re talking about pure paradise!

Since Aruba hasn’t been open to visitors, our beaches have been up to quite a lot, a lot of resting that is! They are undergoing a much needed break and renovation period. From the sparkling white sand to the fresh clean air and crystal clear water, they are busy restoring all of their breathtaking beauty for the day you return!

A beautiful restoration process is not only taking place on land, but also below sea level! Corals are flourishing and strengthening more than ever.  Our marine life is finally able to enjoy their habitat freely without disruptions of boat motors and swimmers.

Photo by Artmando Multimedia

With this being said, we realize many of you are patiently (okay, maybe not so patiently) awaiting the soon-to-be day Aruba opens up its borders, so that you can see and enjoy this for yourself. Until that day arrives, to take the quarantine edge off, let us bring our beautiful beaches to YOU, let’s go “virtual beach hopping” in Aruba!

Are you ready? Grab your bathing suit and sunscreen… and let’s head to paradise!

First stop: Mangel Halto

Location: Spanish lagoon, in Pos Chiquito (South of the airport in the direction of Savaneta)

Splashworthy highlight: Hidden, peaceful and intimate. Plenty of little nooks and crannies to discover at this unique beach. Choose from the sandy and lush mangrove spots or one of the mysterious old rock stairways leading down to the mesmerizing shades of blue.

Second up: Eagle Beach

Location: Low rise hotel area.

Splashworthy highlight: A wide, spacious beach with plenty of palapas and some shaded tree areas to plop down under to spend the day relaxing. With the soft white sand and nice open water conditions it is a great place for a swim! Let’s just say it is the epitome of a perfect beach in paradise.

 Next stop: Palm Beach

Location: High rise hotel area.

Splashworthy highlight: Looking for a little action and fun? This place is filled with it but don’t worry there is still room for relaxation! This beach runs along the high rise hotel strip and has plenty of dining, beach bars, and water sport options.

Last but not least: Boca Catalina 

Location: Situated between Malmok and Arashi Beach.

Splashworthy highlight: This beach may be smaller in size compared to others but it is just what you need to have yourself the perfect day in paradise! Beautiful and peaceful, this beach offers great scenery and perfect conditions for snorkeling! You will find a diversity of aquatic life very close to shore.

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