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5 Float-worthy Aruba Beaches

Floating in the Caribbean blue sea while sipping on a refreshing beverage sounds like a bucket list MUST DO, doesn’t it? Now add Aruba to that equation. Swoon! Discover 5 Float-worthy Aruba Beaches to have an extra zen-full time while you soak up some sunshine and seize the day. These, usually, calm and collected waters (you know Mother … Continue reading “5 Float-worthy Aruba Beaches”

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Keep Our Island Happy: Environmental Awareness from ARUBA – PT. I

Here in Aruba we love all of our globetrotting, friendly visitors. So much so, that a lot of times locals and tourists, who were once strangers, even turn into newfound friends after their trip to the One Happy Island! However, there’s something that is often overlooked when regarding our tropical little isla: ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, and … Continue reading “Keep Our Island Happy: Environmental Awareness from ARUBA – PT. I”