Photo by Mali Mendoza

11 Sunsets to Make You Fall in Love with Aruba All Over Again

There is something truly magical about sunsets.

Have you ever paused, REALLY paused to experience a sunset?

It draws you in… having you gaze in awe, as the golden sun dips below the horizon, setting the entire sky on fire in a multitude of colors… it’s simply breathtaking!

Somehow as that sun sets on the horizon it seems to make you forget all of your stress and worries; in turn it gives you that warm feeling of peace, gratitude and happiness.

Now imagine… watching the sun go down and light up the sky from the beach in Aruba, as you may or may not already know… YES, it is all that AND more!

Enough with the words, I think we all know a sunset’s beauty speaks for itself…

Palm Beach Skies

Photo by Steve Francees

Sailing off into the Sunset

Photo by Jetlag Creative Studio

Sky on Fire at Atardi

Photo by Mossel137 (at Atardi Restaurant of Aruba Marriott Resort)

Cotton Candy Skyscape

Heavenly Glow at MooMba Beach

Zeerovers Catch of the Day at Dusk

On Cloud 9 at Eagle Beach

Sunset Street Views

Cruising into the Sunset

Photo by Aruba Paradise Photos 

Ripples in the Sky

Sunset Palms in Paradise

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