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Voluntourism: Helping Aruba’s Four-Legged Friends

Aruba is in the process of getting a portion of the population under control. This group is rowdy, unruly and occasionally loud. They fight, beg in the streets, have no problem with inappropriate displays of public affection and sometimes make the tourists feel quite uncomfortable. No, we’re not talking about the island’s teenagers! We’re talking … Continue reading “Voluntourism: Helping Aruba’s Four-Legged Friends”

White Cane Day on Aruba!

October 15th is internationally recognized as ‘White Cane Day’, a day that has become both an annual celebration of the achievements of people with visual impairments, and a day to recognize the white cane as a tool of independence for the blind. There are references to blind people using a shepherd’s staff to help them … Continue reading “White Cane Day on Aruba!”

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Keep Our Island Happy: Environmental Awareness from ARUBA – PT. I

Here in Aruba we love all of our globetrotting, friendly visitors. So much so, that a lot of times locals and tourists, who were once strangers, even turn into newfound friends after their trip to the One Happy Island! However, there’s something that is often overlooked when regarding our tropical little isla: ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS, and … Continue reading “Keep Our Island Happy: Environmental Awareness from ARUBA – PT. I”