The visitAruba plus card, is more than worth it's money. When your looking for discounts and special prices, try it.

Riny van Neerven

I wanted to pass along my personal thanks and "testimonial" to you at the Visit Aruba Card. My wife and I just got back to the States after spending a great week in Aruba. We saved over $150 by using the card.

Thank you again.
Drew Kissling

Chris and I had purchased 14 of your Aruba plus cards for our wedding party in September. Let me tell you how excited we were to get them!! Chris and I were treating our group to 4 different excursions on the island: ABC Jeep Tours Extreme Safari, Dinner/show, Mandara Spa (for the girls), Pelican Adventures Champagne Brunch (for the guys). Each one of the excursions we did were on your list of places to save some money. After a week in Aruba we have figured out that we saved apprx. $550-650 on our wedding/food/shopping/excursions just by using your Aruba Plus cards!!! And that amount is ONLY what Chris and I saved. I used your cards as a little something extra in the gift bags I gave to our wedding group, and let me tell you, EVERYONE definitely used them and saved a good amount of money while they were in Aruba.

Everyone in your office was so kind and easy to work with!! You have definitely made an impression on us and I am telling EVERYONE who goes to Aruba, GET THIS CARD, YOU WILL SAVE PLENTY OF MONEY!!!!! This was one of the best purchases that we have ever made!!! The customer service you receive is awesome, the discounts you receive are awesome, in fact, everything about the Aruba plus card is awesome!!!

When Chris and I picked up the cards at your office, you had given us a special envelope, Chris and I thought that it was a wedding card and thought that was a wonderful thing, BUT, when we opened the envelope, much to our surprise, we saw a $100 gift certificate off of the Texas De Brazil restaurant. We were just blown away and could not believe our eyes!!! Chris and I were soooo excited when we saw that and very humbled that you gave us that!!! Believe it or not, the Texas de brazil was where we were having our wedding reception!!! We got there and talked to Mireya Arends about the gift cert. She was kind enough to let us use it on our wedding day!! Chris and I cannot thank you enough for that special gift!!!! IT WAS PERFECT!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU, I don't know how else to express our gratitude for everything that you have done!!!

Thank you,
Kimberly Klim-Carpenter

The card was AWESOME! We saved over $100 on our Thrifty van for 2 weeks, and about another $100 or so at different restaurants. We used the card at Alfredo's, The Buccaneer, the Atlantis Submarine, could have used it at Cuba's Cookin but realized later that they were in the program, oh well. We used it for our rental car, which was the biggest saving. We had 15 people, so we rented a huge van from Thrifty and were there for 2 weeks, so it was expensive. Saving 10% was amazing. I think you should sell them at the desks at the hotels! If people knew about it, they would all buy one for sure!

It was great, thanks for providing it.
Mollie Rosefsky
Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank everybody for The VisitAruba Plus Card!
We came home from Aruba Monday after having stayed there for 2 weeks. We had the card delivered to the hotel and just a phone call to the office and that was the beginning. The saving with the card was great! We had 10% of with Economy Car Rental also if we had made the reservation via internet and already had good price. Buccaneer also gave us 10% discount and the same with Petit Café Playa Linda.

Also some shops in town gave us discount due to the card. We will sure renew next time we go to Aruba!

Thank you to the whole staff!
Greetings from Grethe

Dear Aruba Plus Card:
Just wanted to thank you again for the great Aruba Plus Card for our trip to Aruba this year. The savings were great once again and we used it for a rental car from Economy,(which was a great experience once again), groceries at Ling and Sons supermarket, The French Steakhouse restaurant and Maggy's cosmetics in town. We would like to thank all the participants. We have informed our travel agent about the card and also many other people who were on vacation during our stay. We will also recommend this card to all of our family and friends who will be traveling to Aruba in the near future.

Thank you again!
Deborah Yauch

I want to thank you for the short notice delivery and I really don't mind paying the additional fee. Your card saved me over $127.00 US and that's really good. I will most definitely be contacting you every year before I go and will give you enough notice.

Thanks again.
Tom Malanga

My wife and I recently returned from our 6th trip to Aruba and as usual had
a wonderful time. The addition of the Aruba plus card made it more enjoyable with the $ we saved. We ate at three restaurants that gave us 10% off and one with free desert and coffee. Also we saved on drinks and perfume purchases as well. For the $10 we spent for the card we figure a savings of over $200.

Thanks for such a great promotion and we hope it is offered again next year.
Brian and Jane Pigeon

The Arubaplus Card paid for itself over and over! We rented a car and saved $30.00 USD. We used it at a variety of places, and were always glad to see the proprietors were happy to apply the discounts. Now I am unexpectedly returning in 2 weeks, but I don't think there's enough time to get the new one!

As a travel agent, I suggest to my clients that they find your site and get the card to enhance their travel experience!

Thanks for offering such a great deal!
Merle R Feldman

We just returned from our annual visit to Aruba. For the first time we used the Visit Aruba plus card; it more than paid for itself. We used it mainly for the restaurants, since it covered two of our favorites. The card was accepted readily and graciously. The Visit Aruba card is very worthwhile; we would definitely use it again. We also enjoy the newsletter and love hearing about our favorite vacation spot.

Natalie & Ron Markowitz

Enjoy your vacation while saving!