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How do I order my VisitAruba Plus card?

If you are a new customer you can use the new member application form

If you are a returning customer (you have ordered a VisitAruba Plus card in the past) please use the renewal application form. Keep your old card ready, since we will ask you for the membership number.

If you have any questions you can contact us via e-mail: plus@visitaruba.com

Is it safe to order online at VisitAruba?

The order forms use a digital certificate. You can validate that it is safe to order by checking the lock icon in your browsers address bar (top) or status bar (bottom).

What are the accepted payment methods?

We accept payment by credit card only using:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Please do not send personal or banker's checks, we cannot accept these. Currently charging is done manually, which is why we cannot accept American Express or Discover credit cards. In the future we may accept other cards, and introduce direct online payment.

Who can apply for and use the card?

You need to be 18 years or older on arrival to be able to order and use the VisitAruba Plus card. Each discount or offer has information showing how the discount applies. Certain discounts and offers, for example in the case of land activities and sea activities apply per card member, meaning to say that the person whose name appears on the card will be entitled to the discount. In the case of restaurants, for example, clearly all the people having dinner will benefit since the discount would apply on the bill for your table. Hotel accommodations in most cases apply per room and the number of people entitled to the discount or offer are specified in each hotel or resort listing.

Until when can I use my card?

Cards are from December 1 to December 1 every renewal year, and there is unlimited use of the card until the expiry date. Any new discounts and offers, sweepstakes and competitions for card members will always be posted online in the VisitAruba Plus section of our website, and if you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive information directly via email. The rates listed in the VisitAruba Plus section are the participant's regular rates and were valid at the time they were printed. However, all rates are subject to change without notice, so you should always confirm the rate and your discount at the time you make your reservation.

What is meant by direct reservation or booking?

This means that in order to qualify for certain discounts, especially in the case of accommodations, activities, car rentals etc, you need to contact the hotel, activity operator (e.g. sailing, diving) or car rental company directly either through their website's reservation form, via email or by calling them or faxing them your booking. The word direct implies that there is no middle-man or agent involved at any stage of the booking process, and that you are dealing with a representative of the hotel, activity operator or car rental, for example. Always present your VisitAruba Plus Card at check-in at participating hotels so the front desk staff can make sure your discount is noted on your bill. Remember to present your VisitAruba Plus Card when purchasing tickets at attractions to receive your discount.

My card is being delivered to the resort. Am I able to use my card before hand for my car rental or restaurant reservation

To rent a vehicle through one of the Car Rental agencies participating in the Plus discount program you can reserve the vehicle and mention that you are plus member. The card is normally not needed at the time of making a reservation, but it needs to be mentioned to the car rental company at time of booking that you intend to use the card for the discount. The actual card would need to be shown either at the beginning of the rental when picking up the car or at the end when settling your bill. Please check with the Car rental agency for their specific policy in this regard.

How do I activate my card once I receive it?

Once you have received your VisitAruba Plus Card, you can:  
  • Activate by phone

    Please call +297-583-4144. An operator will respond during office hours (8.30-12.30 am and 1.30-5.30 pm). After office hours you can leave a spoken message including your VisitAruba Plus Card name and the last five digits of your VisitAruba Plus Card number and your card will be activated by us.
  • Activate online

    Visit our activation page.

  • Activate by email

    You can activate your card by sending an email to plus@visitaruba.com, with "VisitAruba Plus Card Activation" in the subject line. In this email please mention your membership name and the last five digits of the card number.

I do not have my membership number. How can I renew my card?

To renew your card use the renewal application form and check the box I lost, continue to fill in the required fields and submit. Once the application form is submitted and processed an email will be sent with your new membership number.

How can I order a restaurant gift certificate?

Restaurant gift certificates can be ordered after purchasing or renewing the discount card. VisitAruba Plus members having a current membership can order a gift certificate (one per member) which will be delivered on arrival in Aruba. Gift certificates are limited in number and are sold on a first come first served basis.

Can I purchase the card while on the island?

It is possible to purchase the card while on island by sending us a fax. For a new member please print and fill out the new member application fax form, and fax it to: +297-582-6102. For a renewal please print and fill out the renewal application fax form, and fax it to: +297-582-610

Can I get a discount on the price of the card?

If you are making a larger order, e.g. for your entire family, please contact us and request a discount. We cannot guarantee a discount for any order.

When will my card be delivered to my hotel?

Whenever possible, orders will be scheduled for delivery right before your arrival, to ensure that the hotel front desk keeps your card and can hand it to you upon arrival. If you are already on the island and wish to receive your card on the same day, please make sure to order before 10AM (local time).

Our delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Our delivery schedule is as follows:

You arrive onThe card is delivered on
Saturday Friday
Sunday Monday
Monday Monday
Tuesday Monday
Wednesday Wednesday
Thursday Wednesday
Friday Friday
Saturday Friday

Office is closed on these dates. Click here to view.

The hotel does not have my card! What happened?

If your VisitAruba Plus Card name does not match the hotel reservation name, the hotel may not accept the card from us. Please contact us by calling +297-583-4144 and let us know the full hotel reservation name. This to make sure the VisitAruba Plus Card will be accepted for delivery at your hotel.

I ordered already, but have a change of travel plans. Will I still get my card?

When you change travel plans, please let us know the following:

  • New Hotel/Resort
  • New Arrival Date
  • New Hotel/Resort reservation name

I never received my card. Can I get a refund?

  • If the card was delivered to your hotel, received and signed for by a front desk agent, then you are not eligible for a refund. If you contact us within 3 days of arrival we can assist you in locating your card or issue you a replacement card for US$ 10
  • If you have received the card but did not use it at any participating location on Aruba, you are not eligible for a refund
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