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22 Caisos and 61 Socas will perform at Aruba’s Caiso & Soca Monarch

Courtesy of: The Morning News

Entrance tickets for Aruba’s biggest Carnaval event: Caiso & Soca Monarch are here!

The Music Foundation, “Stichting Musica” has announced that the official tickets for the Grand Carnaval music event are on sale. As has been reported, the well-known Calypso and Roadmarch contest this year is being organized by the Stichting Musica and has been renamed: Aruba Caiso & Soca Monarch. This grand event begins next week Tuesday, January 15, 2013.

There will be three pre-final nights. The final night will be Saturday, January 19th. All events will take place in the Joe Laveist Sportspark in San Nicolas. The public has two entrance ticket options. They can purchase tickets for each night, or they can buy a package for a 4-night access to the musical events.

Tickets are available at: Plaza Bookshop, Cliffix, CD & More, Superfood, WEMA, Valero Boulevard, Valero Essoville, Gallo Rojo, MY USA, Fun Miles and Dragon CD & Electronics.

Last Sunday the registered bands chose the particular sequence for each night. On Tuesday, the 15th of January the bands Tsunami, Le Groove, Youth Extreme, Upgrade and Je’o will perform. On Wednesday 16th, Simplemente Pabo, Claudius & Oreo, Virus Band, XC Lanz, Hot Ones Band and D’licious will be next on stage. On the final night of the pre-final, The Failures, D.U.R.O., NBO, Aruba Invaders, Thiss and That, Zeta Band, Dushi Band and Robert Jeandor y su Solo Banda Show will conclude the line up of music and bands. 

Present at the news conference was Erik Jan Eman representing Purple Entertainment Group. This company will be in charge of all the logistics. Eman indicated that this year the musicians will experience a very accommodating and practical area behind the stage. Also, for the first time, the audience will experience in this largest festival no less than 36 moving lights, which will provide a spectacular lighting effect on stage.
Stichting Musica was particularly pleased to announce their sponsors for this grand festival. Among the sponsors are Setar NV who will be offering the festival a pay per view via cable as well as via internet for foreign viewers. Romar Trading will ensure that all bars are well stocked with Heineken beer. Other sponsors will be, Blackberry, Palm Beach Plaza, Valero Retail and Hertz Lease.

All in all, the mega music event is expected to surpass all other events of previous years!