Photo by Aruba Tourism Authority

Aruba Announces New “Aruba Health & Happiness Code” Certification Program

The Aruba Tourism Authority in collaboration with stakeholders and the Department of Public Health have just announced the new ‘Aruba Health & Happiness Code’ to be implemented on the island. This new certification program will ensure Aruba’s visitors that the island will uphold the highest health and safety protocols throughout their entire stay. The objective Continue reading "%s"

Top Drive – Your Jeep Specialist!

A fun day out to discover Aruba is a guaranteed success with Top Drive’s well maintained Jeep Wranglers. With a fleet of more than 45 off-road vehicles, Top Drive provides customers with the most comfortable way to explore the most remote parts of the island. A complimentary Top Drive Island Tour is also provided every Tuesday for Top Drive customers to enjoy the “Freedom to Discover”.

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Take Dad on an Adventure – Rent a Jeep Wrangler!

With our well maintained Jeep Wranglers a fun day out with Dad on Father’s Day is a guaranteed success. Take advantage of this one day special, and take Dad on the adventure he desserves! At Top Drive Car Rental we ensure the customer with the most comfortable way to explore the Island. Our fleet accommodates about 45 off-road vehicles that can be used to visit the most remote parts of the island.

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