The 13th Aruba International Regatta, 2023, concludes successfully, at the Surfside Regatta Village

The International Aruba Regatta wrapped up two action packed racing days, with two award ceremonies, on Sunday, August 27th, 2023, lauding young and adult sailors for their fantastic performances.

Trophies for the Youth Sailing and the Miniatuurboats classes were handed out by Minister for Nature & the Environment Ursell Arends, and trophies for the other classes by Tita Iglesias of the Aruba Tourism Authority.

The exciting events and races took place from Thursday, August 24th to Sunday, August 27th. In view of the sailors’ and the public’s enthusiastic reception, the Aruba Regatta Foundation already aims at next year’s 14th edition.

The regatta featured a diverse range of sailing classes (i.e., types of boats), catering to various skill levels and interests including:

Optimist, a class specifically designed for very young sailors, provides them with an opportunity to showcase their sailing skills and compete against their peers.

SailQubes, another class dedicated to young sailors, offers a competitive platform for juniors to demonstrate their sailing abilities.

F-11, featuring racing boats known for their speed and agility. Participants in this class are more skilled young sailors who navigate challenging waters with precision.

Beachcats, a class racing in small, lightweight catamarans, high-performance boats that are built for speed and excitement.

Sunfish, a popular single-handed option, navigating in small, easily maneuverable sailboats, providing exciting and challenging experiences.

Three yacht classes namely:

Live-Aboard Open Yachts class meant for sailing yachts captains who want to participate in the Regatta but whose boats are not necessarily designed for competitive racing;

Multihull class, racing multi-hulled sailboats, (this is the first time in Aruba Regatta’s history that we had multihulls participate in our Regatta!);

and the very competitive Racing Yachts class, attracting skilled sailors.

A record level of 75 sailors participated this year, in the following categories:

14 miniatuurboat captains, 3 from Bonaire,
9 youth sailors
9 sunfishes
2 beachcats
3 open cruisers
3 multihulls
3 racing yachts

Wind conditions allowed for good for boat classes but were inadequate for windsurfing, so the planned Windsurfing class participants did not compete during the Regatta.

In addition to exciting sailing races, the International Aruba Regatta featured excellent food and beverage services for both sailors and the public. Entertainment was provided by the ORIGINALZ, a talented local Reggae band who only play their own compositions, adding to the vibrant and lively ambiance on the beach.

It’s worth noting that the International Aruba Regatta places a strong emphasis on sailing youth, and conservation of the marine environment. The event aims to support and encourage young sailors, providing them with a healthy, fun platform, to interact with nature in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, the regatta promotes the conservation of marine environments, raising awareness to the importance of ocean protection and preservation. By combining the excitement of sailing with a focus on environmental stewardship, the International Aruba Regatta promotes a responsible approach to water sports and recreation.

The event brought the sailing community together for an unforgettable weekend. Let’s do it again, even bigger and better, next year.

Thanks to all who volunteered and helped us in any way, especially the Aruba Regatta Team, who made it happen by working together towards the excellent execution of this event.

Article written by Aruba Regatta Committee