Ecolution, an energy-efficient sailboat, and his crew arrived on Aruba

Courtesy of: The Morning News

Prof. dr. Wubbo Ockels and his crew arrived at the Renaissance Marina pier in Aruba on January 21 2012 to a jubilant group of well wishers. His zero emission boat, Ecolution made the successful voyage from Holland across the Atlantic Ocean to Aruba. Among members of the crew was Aruban student Javier Sint Jago. Ex astronaut Ockels expressed his delight for being on Aruba again. International press members were present to cover this interesting event. With the arrival of Ecolution, Aruba reportedly has taken one step further in becoming 100% sustainable by the year 2020.

After more than two months at sea Ockels and his crew sailed into Aruban waters accompanied by SARFA, various boats and windsurfers singing the tune of “Support the Green.” Dutch Minister of external affairs and Kingdom relations, Plasterk who happened to be on the island for a working visit, the Prime minister and ministers of the government were all present to welcome the arrival of Ecolution. 

Ecolution will remain in Aruba’s wharf in Oranjestad for three months. During the three months Ockels will develop various sustainable products to contribute to Aruba’s sustainability vision.
Prof. Ockels presented our dignitaries with a sticker bearing the logo “I have brought you happy energy.”

According to Javier Sint Jago they encountered some very rough seas during their trip, but the boat was able to handle this quiet adequately. The Prime Minister of Aruba, upon greeting Ockels said…”the vision of Aruba for becoming 100% sustainable is beginning to take form more and more and Ecolution is part of this.” 

Upon arriving safely on Aruban shores Ockels achieved his goal.