Divi Aruba All-inclusive Resort eager to show off their newly renovated Pelican Terrace with diverse menus and smooth entertainment

Courtesy of: The Morning News

One of Aruba’s most popular all-inclusive resorts has recently gone through some stunning renovations, particularly in the public areas, and resort management is eager to show off their sleek, contemporary look.
It is long known that the culinary staff of all Divi Properties have very high standards and noted executive chefs, such as Gerard Coste at their flagship Divi Resort. One of the first to open at the Manchebo Beach “Low Rise” area, it has been a popular retreat for vacationers for decades, and home to some of the island’s most famous restaurants, such as the Red Parrot.

Resort executives were very pleased to unveil the sparkling, newly renovated Pelican Terrace, home to their attractive buffets. Greater convenience is offered by several new stations including a separate salad bar, soup station, side dishes and casseroles, and dessert bar, with less waiting time. A diversity of main courses are also staged at varying counters, for pasta and other freshly sautéed dishes of the day, as well as a carving and grill station for BBQ, or other specialties such as a succulent Beef Wellington. The soup station offered both Aruban Pumpkin Soup and a Creamy Bouillabaisse, a perfect example of that contrast of local and international cuisine that makes up their menu.

The choices are dazzling and change daily, for those who love the buffet concept of all-you-can-eat from several options. Best of all, one does not need to be a guest of the resort to indulge in this very reasonably price feast! Tickets can be purchased at the Divi front desk for only $30 per person for complete access to the buffet, which includes one drink with your meal. Additional tickets can be purchased for more beverages from the bar.

The Pelican Terrace is open for dinner from 6:00 PM until 9:30 PM. The price of dinner also includes mellow entertainment from a variety of fine Aruban performers throughout the meal, as well as an exciting show beginning at 9:00 PM. It varies from Salsa shows and lessons to the Coco Rico Dancers and their thrilling new Carnival program.

If you have been curious about the Divi’s all inclusive fare, this is an excellent way to sample their daily offerings, combined with a most enjoyable and entertaining evening that doesn’t stop with dessert.