Photo by Aruba Motorcycle Tours

5 Motorized Things to do in Aruba for Adventurers

Did you know that our dushi Aruba is home to desert-like terrains and historic landmarks that are perfect for adventuring and exploring?

The One Happy Island is well known for housing one of the world’s top rated beaches (Eagle Beach!), but the fun doesn’t stop by the seashore.

Discover 5 motorized activities, along with our recommendations, that are perfect options for the adventure seekers visiting Aruba.

Let’s get the engines started!

1. Get on a Bike: Motorcycles & Trikes

Photo by Trikes Aruba

If you and your crew don’t mind bringing the noise, and by noise I mean rumbling sounds of powerful 2, or 3-wheeled  motor vehicles, to your Aruba excursions, then you should get on a bike!

The term ‘fun in the sun’ is maximized when you add a motorcycle or trike tour to your Aruba adventures.

Our recommended local companies include:

Aruba Motorcycle Tours

Photos by Aruba Motorcycle Tours

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tours & Trademarks: Their trademark tour visits various famous landmarks of Aruba all the way from the South side of the island up to the north coast.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 21 years old

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included. This company also offers four different types of Harley Davidson bikes for half day, full day, or week long rentals.

View more Aruba Motorcycle Tours information here.

Trikes Aruba

Photos by Trikes Aruba

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

Tours & Trademarks: Their 3.5-hour “Experience Aruba Tour” includes 3-4 stops that highlight Aruba’s true wild wonders while showcasing about 70% of the island.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 21 years old (driver) & 12 years old (passenger)

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included. This company also offers 3-seater trikes.

🤩 Deal Alert: $15 discount available for Trikes Aruba here.

View more Trikes Aruba information here.

2. Go Off-roading with UTVs & ATVs

Photo by Blue Blocks Project Aruba

Plenty of fun awaits (not to mention beauty too!) when it comes to off-roading in Aruba with ATVs or UTVs, but don’t forget to respect the island’s natural terrains by not driving on the sand dunes, littering, or stacking rocks.

In case you were wondering what the differences are  between ATVs & UTVs, here they are: ATV stands for All-Terrain-Vehicle, and you sit on (hello bronzed bod) the motorized vehicle. Whereas UTV, a.k.a Utility-Task-Vehicle, is a vehicle with a top (hello sun protection) that you sit in.

Our recommended local companies include:

Justin’s Car and ATV Rental

Photos by Justin’s Car and ATV Rental

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

Tours & Trademarks: Explore Aruba with their 4.5-hour or 6.5-hour guided ATV tours or their 3.5-hour, 4.5-hour, or 6.5-hour guided UTV tours that venture through Arikok National Park and the east side of the island.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 18 years old (ATV driver) & 25 years old (UTV driver)

Bonus: Pick up and drop off from hotels included. This company also offers 4-hour and 8-hour unguided ATV and UTV side by side rentals.

De Palm UTV Tours

Photos by De Palm UTV Tours

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

Tours & Trademarks: Both their 3-hour “Andicuri UTV Off-Road Safari” tour and 4.5-hour “Natural Pool UTV Off-Road Adventure” tour include a snack and water bottle.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 23 years old (UTV driver) & 12 years old (UTV passenger)

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included. This company also offers off road safaris and island tours.

View more De Palm UTV Tours information here.

3. Take a Guided Bus Tour


Are you a lover of service with comfortable temperatures and seating? How about with the views of gorgeous blue Caribbean sea surrounding the island’s desert-like landscape, AND a local expert to help share insights of Aruba?

Yes, yes, yes?! Well, hop aboard a sightseeing guided tour  to help you explore our One Happy Island.

Our recommended local companies include:

Fofoti Tours & Transfers

Photos by Fofoti Tours & Transfers

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tours & Trademarks: Their 4.5-hour “The Best of Aruba Tour” explores the island from coast to coast, and includes swimming at one of Aruba’s top family-friendly beaches.

Min. Age Requirement(s): No specific age requirements stated for their island sightseeing tours.

Bonus: This company also offers UTV tours.

View more Fofoti Tours & Transfers information here.

El Tours Aruba

Photos by El Tours Aruba

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tours & Trademarks: They host diverse tours that explore historical and natural landmarks, Aruba’s iconic beaches, and Arikok National Park.

Min. Age Requirement(s): No specific age requirements stated for their island sightseeing tours.

Bonus: Hotel and cruise ship pick up and drop off included. This company also offers UTV tours and jeep safari tours.

🤩 Deal Alert: $5 discount available for EL Tours Aruba here.

View more EL Tours Aruba information here.

4. Celebrate your Arrival on a Party Bus


Arriving in the PM, or just want to go on an adventure to explore Aruba’s nightlife? Celebrate the island life with a bar-hopping tour on a party bus!

On top of the shenanigans that await, a D.D. (designated driver) is most definitely included with these party bus packages, ensuring a safe and fun-filled evening.

Our recommended local companies include:

Karaoke Party Bus Aruba

Photos by Karaoke Party Bus Aruba

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tours & Trademarks: Their 4-hour “Bar Jam Tour” and 6-hour “Dinner Tour” are perfect for those of you who love to sing karaoke and go bar-hopping.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 18 years old (night time tours) *day tours are kid-friendly, but contact Karaoke Party Bus Aruba directly for confirmation.

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included. This company also hosts a “Daylight Tour” and a “Baby Beach Tour” during the daytime.

🤩 Deal Alert: 10% discount available for Karaoke Party Bus Aruba here.

View more Karaoke Party Bus Aruba information here.

Kukoo Kunuku Island Tours

Photos by Kukoo Kunuku Island Tours

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

Tours & Trademarks: They host diverse nightlife tours including a “Dinner & Nightlife” tour, a “Pub Krawl” tour, a mouth-watering “Wine on Down the Road” tour, and a “Happy Kukoo Hour” tour.

Min. Age Requirement(s): 18 years old (night time tours)

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included.

View more Kukoo Kunuku Island Tours information here.

5. Do a Segway Tour with the Fam!

Photo by Aruba Segway Tours

Looking for a family-friendly and laid back motorized adventure to enjoy Aruba’s beautiful landscape and iconic landmarks? Take a segway tour to experience Aruba in a totally unique way!

Our recommended local company includes:

Aruba Segway Tours

Photos by Aruba Segway Tours

*TripAdvisor Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tours & Trademarks: Their guided 1-hour “Malmok Sightseeing Tour” and 2-hour “California Lighthouse Tour” include segway training instructions and historical and cultural narration.

Min. Age Requirement(s):  No specific age requirements stated for their segway tours. For confirmation please contact Aruba Segway Tours directly.

Bonus: Pick up and drop off included. As well as a free beverage. Notable is that this usually ends up being a fresh coconut. YUM!

View more Aruba Segway Tours information here.

Now it’s time to explore the island and take this adventure by the wheel!

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*TripAdvisor rating documented as of December 6th, 2018.