Photo by Yanti Café & Restaurant

5 Surinamese & Indonesian Restaurants to Try in Aruba

What can I say besides the fact that what we call Surinamese food here in Aruba is freaking delicious? Well, for starters let me clarify that the following restaurants don’t just specialize in Surinamese dishes, but a lot of them are venues that have menus that include more of a fusion mixed between Surinamese and Indonesian cuisine.

Some of my personal favorite dishes include, but are by no means limited to: Bami, Nasi, Bara, Bakabana, Samosas, Zuur Komkommer, Roti, and last but not least, Peanut Sauce.

I really enjoy spicy food too. So, their special pica* is something I always make sure to request when treating myself to some Surinamese/Indonesian cuisine.

Might I add that these types of restaurants are most definitely vegetarian-friendly, and some can even modify their dishes to being vegan-approved too.

Now for the TASTY LINEUP:

1. Indo Restaurant – Surinamese & Indonesian Cuisine

Photo by Freck-a-Dots via TripAdvisor at Indo Restaurant

Where to go: Noord 17, Noord Aruba

Something Special: They have “secret” (off-the-menu) dishes such as their vegetarian Samosas

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Wednesday 5PM – 10PM, and Thursday – Sunday Noon – 3PM & 5PM – 10PM
*Closed on Mondays

P.S. Please note that this is a cash-only venue

2. Boeny Surinamese Indonesian Restaurant & Bar

Photo by Boeny Surinamese Indonesian Restaurant & Bar

Where to go: San Barbola 4, Oranjestad, Aruba (located next to Cliffix Musical Instruments)

Something Special: They have fresh homemade beverages such as Ginger Juice and Tamarind Juice

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11.30AM – 7.30PM & Sundays 11.30AM – 6.30PM
*Closed on Mondays

3. Bentang Bali

Photo by Bentang Bali

Where to go: Havenstraat 36, Oranjestad, Aruba (Located behind Royal Plaza Mall)

Something Special: They have interesting dessert items such as their Apel Goreng (apple fritters with condensed milk ice cream)

Opening Hours: 1PM – 10PM, Daily

4. Petjes Surinamese Fusion Cuisine

Photo by Petjes Surinamese Fusion Cuisine

Where to go: Tanki Leendert 247, Oranjestad, Aruba (Located next to Digicel Tanki Leendert)

Something Special: They have made-to-order Phoulourie which usually comes a bit spicy, but you can also opt for a non-spicy version

Opening Hours: Monday – Thursday 11AM – 8PM, Fridays 11AM – 5PM & Sundays 11AM – 5PM
*Closed on Saturdays

5. Yanti Café & Restaurant

Photo by Yanti Café & Restaurant

Where to go: Wilhelminastraat 105, Oranjestad, Aruba (Located across from Elmar & Banco di Caribe)

Something Special: They have a merchandise rack in-store with a variety of snacks straight from Surinam

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 10AM – 8PM
*Closed on Sundays

*BONUS: Indian cuisine for those who want to try even more interesting flavors!

Tandoor the Indian Grill house

Photo by Tandoor the Indian Grill House

Where to go: Palm Beach 55, South Beach Center, Noord, Aruba (Located next to South Beach Aruba)

Something Special: This venue is located in the heart of Aruba’s prime nightlife area in Palm Beach

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Sunday Noon – 2.30PM & 6PM – 10PM
*Closed on Mondays

🤤 See more tasty Tandoor details

Tip from me to you: Be careful with the hot sauce known as sambal. That stuff isn’t your typical Tabasco or Pica di Papaya kind of hot sauce…You only need a pinch to boost the already-delicious flavors. I wouldn’t recommend testing my theory on this, as a too-big dose of sambal can burn hotter than an accidental graze on fire coral. Besides that, you should be good to go (try some yummy food).

Whether it be Surinamese, Indonesian or Indian cuisine, I wish you the happiest time exploring the divine tastes that all of these restaurants have to offer. Bon appetit!

*Pica: Hot sauce in Papiamento

*Feature photo by Yanti Café & Restaurant

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