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Tandoor offers you authentic cuisine with distinct taste, and unparalleled presentation. An almost indispensable feature of Tandoor is the Tandoor oven. Tandoor is a clay oven which you can only get in India. It 'braais', smokes roasts the meats with a distinctive charcoal flavor & the breads are cooked on its walls. Our specials wield the culinary magic of our exceptional cooking.
Tandoor takes pride in its menu that has discerned from the sumptuous Mogul cuisine, the wholesome Punjabi flair, the robust cuisine of Kashmir, the fiery dishes of Delhi and Mumbai, the hot spicy recipes of Goa & Madras, not forgetting the earthy delights of the Tandoor - all for discerning lovers of exotic cuisine.

Our authentic cooking takes time and effort. All our dishes are cooked fresh to order. It takes approximately half an hour to prepare an order. Our food is exotically delicious and the flavor demonstrates the freshness.
We do not use animal fat, MSG or preservatives. All of our meats are lean and fresh. All oils used contain 0% cholesterol. In other words, you are enjoying a very unique, tasty and healthy meal.

Short Description

Delivery and take-out available. Menu features: Indian specialties such as Tandoori Chicken, Vegetarian dishes, Lamb Chops, Samosas, Paneer, and much more. Currently serving lunch and dinner. Located in Palm Beach at South Beach Centre Plaza.

Street Address Palm Beach 55
City Palm Beach
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